Good news to the Android users who want to use Android Apps on PC without the use of Bluestacks or any emulator by some new easy way. Here we have got some trick to run Android apps on PC with the help of ‘ARC welder’ a chrome app which was initially a project for testing android Apps on Chrome OS.
Google launched ARC “App Runtime for Chrome” project in September’14 with an aim for testing and running Android apps on chrome OS. But by some hack it came into limelight that ARC supported to run apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the help of Chrome Browser installed in the PC. ARC welder is originally a Developer’s tool in Chrome store in beta version. And this gives us the advantage of using Apps on PC may be sooner we may have its full version.
With the help of this we can run android app with ease in our PC. This has good interface also. And for Developers it’s going to be very helpful as whenever they want to test any app in PC there used to be some long procedures for that but this Chrome’s welder app makes it very easy. Moreover for people who want to enjoy Android games on PC are going to be pleased very much. Here I’m going to tell you in easy steps how to use this Arc welder to run apps and games in your PC.

How to run Android Apps in Windows using ARC Welder 


1. Latest Chrome browser.
2. ARC welder App
3. Android app in the form of .APK

How to run ?

  • First install the latest chrome browser in your PC. Click here to download Chrome browser if you do not have one.
  • Now you need to download the ARC welder from chrome store. You can get here.




Open the welder app from Chrome browser and choose the folder to store your App data. Then press Add APK to choose your app in .APK format which you want to run.

Generally from play store you don’t get any app in APK file since Playstore will not offer any app in .APK, you only install directly to your smartphone or tablet.
But there are many websites which offer Apps in APK. To download click here. 
There is some method to get an app from playstore in .APK . I’m going to tell you that method here.
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How to get APK from Playstore ?

1. First go to Playstore and choose the app whose APK you want. Now copy URL(Just press Ctr +L to select and then copy)
2. Now you can get APK of your App from Evozi site. There you just need to paste your copied URL of your App and press Generate APK and then download the file. That’s all.
You get your app downloaded in APK format.
To visit Evozi  click here.
  •  After choosing your APK   , a window appears press Launch and your app opens up & enjoy!!!
Whenever you want to change your app you need to remove the previous app and follow the same procedure by choosing another APK of your app.
There is also a trick for running Multiple apps on ARC welder you can watch this video for complete details.
So in this way the ARC Welder app will help both developers and the users for running Android Apps on PC without any external emulator. 
I hope this explanation will suffice for running apps using welder chrome app. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment.

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