General Knowledge for All is an Educational Facebook page created a few months ago by Techs Text. This page was created with an intention to share useful general information with the netizens. The information published on this page is generally unique which people never think of such stuff.

General Knowledge For All ( GKFA ) page is a non-profitable page consisting of all types of informative posts which was created before Techs Text came to live and that page was not meant for promotion , only the useful general information is shared on it. As of now it is run only by Techs Text if any of the bloggers or netizens interested to share some good general information , you can post your stuff on the page and we’ll go through the stuff and repost it on the General Knowledge For All’s Page. Here we are going to see only a few educational posts, by visiting the General Knowledge For All page you can see all the types of posts

Lets start now

Best General Knowledge For All posts


[bctt tweet=”Tianhe -2 is the present World’s Fastest Supercomputer developed by China’s National University of Defence Technology , with 33.86 petaflops /second.”]

General-Knowledge-For-all (5)


[bctt tweet=”Units of Pain are Del ( Dels ). Max.pain of 45-50 dels is tolerated by women when giving birth to a baby”]General-Knowledge-For-all (7)


[bctt tweet=”Watson is a Question Answering Computer developed by IBM( International Business Machines ) which is capable of answering questions posed in natural language.”]General-Knowledge-For-all (6)


[bctt tweet=”BORBORYGMUS is the rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intenstines.”]

General-Knowledge-For-all (8)

[bctt tweet=”One Billion in Short Scale = 1,000,000,000   And  One Billion in Large Scale = 1,000,000,000,000 “]General-Knowledge-For-all (4)


Also Check :


[bctt tweet=”In Roman numbers there is no ZERO”]General-Knowledge-For-all (3)


[bctt tweet=”MYOPIA is a Short sightedness and  HYPERMETROPIA is Long Sightedness..”]General-Knowledge-For-all (2)


[bctt tweet=”The Only Countries which are not following Metric System (SI ) are the United States , Liberia and Myanmar (Burma )”]General-Knowledge-For-all (11)


[bctt tweet=”You cannot kill yourself by holding your breath”]


General-Knowledge-For-all (1)


[bctt tweet=”Telegram is the message sent using Telegraph- a machine for transmitting messages in the form electrical impulses which uses Morse Code ( way of representing alphabets , numbers , characters with dots and dashes )”]General-Knowledge-For-all (9)


[bctt tweet=”PIXEL is the Smallest Unit in a digital image. PIXEL is the short from for PICTURE CELL”] General-Knowledge-For-all (10)



[bctt tweet=”Star fish has no brain.  Gold fish has short time memory loss. “]General-Knowledge-For-all (12)


You can find much more stuff of this type here at GKFA . Soon we are going to have such another post with some different general knowledge stuff. Spread the knowledge…

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2 thoughts on “Best Educational General Knowledge For All’s Posts to Read”
  1. Hi

    An interesting and entertaining post – I can certainly vouch for the pain of childbirth – but most of the other information was completely new to me.

    I’m sure readers could while away many hours reading this information – and amazing their friends with it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,


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