Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world at present. This mobile OS supports almost all the latest mobile features. And besides these Android app store i.e., Google’s Play store has millions of apps for various uses and this also makes android the top operating system with access to millions of amazing android apps.

Now-a-days the android users have got apps for each and every specific purpose from Browsers to Battery maintenance. So for each and every need we have an android app with a chance to select more than one app for a single purpose. Overall at present Android is a multipurpose tool to accomplish various tasks for all types of people. To make most out of our android device lets see how we can make use of android with the help of apps to control pc from android/iOS wirelessly.


We already knew that there are enough number of apps in Play store for every specific purpose. Let’s say if you want to use your android device as a mouse then you can have one specific app for that. But if we want various other controllers for PC then we have to go for every different app. But that’s not always feasible, we have android as multipurpose tool in the same way we also wanted a multipurpose app for all the similar kind of purposes that is here controlling a computer. For that purpose we have got here a couple of apps which can do very well and using those we can use android phone as a mouse, wireless data cable, keyboard, joystick, Projector etc., other controllers of PC.

Let’s see here the step by step procedure for using android device as a Controller for PC. We have already seen few known uses of android device you can have a look at it.

Control PC from android/iOS using Bluetooth or Wifi

Best controller for PC is listed below:

There are a number of apps for controlling your PC wirelessly. But we have found two very good apps which are very easy to use and are also available for free with quite a good number of features.

They are:
1. Unified Remote
2. Monect PC Remote

Both the apps are available in paid versions also. But the Monect PC remote free version has many features and there is not much difference in paid and free version of it(just sensitivity adjustment is not available in free version). So here we see in detail using Monect PC remote and the same procedure is followed for Unified remote app also.

You can get these apps from play store.

Get Monect PC remote

Get Unified Remote

Remote server Installation in Computer

After installing the app in your PC, you need to create interfacing between your computer and your android device. To do that you need to install remote server in your PC which establishes the connection for your PC and android device. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (both devices connected to same Wi-Fi) you can remotely control your PC.

Click here to download Monect PC remote server

Click here to download Unified Remote Server

Activating the Monect PC Remote

After downloading the Remote server install it in your PC and allow it to run. Next open your Monect or Unified app in your android phone. (Note: Here we are talking exclusively about Monect Remote PC app because it has many features for free) You can connect to your PC by using Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is useful when you don’t have common Wi-Fi connection and it’s simple also. For that you have to pair your Android device with your Computer and then by selecting Bluetooth option in the app you can access the controllers. But the cons of using Bluetooth are few very useful features of Monect Remote PC cannot be accessed like Wireless data cable, projection, screen sharing etc, they can only be used when connected through Wi-Fi. So here we are going to see the all the PC controllers working using Wi-Fi .

Using Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi you can access all the features of Monect PC Remote. But you may not always have a common Wi-Fi for your PC and Android device. You need not worry for that here we will see a simple easy method to create Common Wi-Fi connection for your PC and your Android Device any time, also you can share your internet from PC to other wi-Fi enabled gadgets.

Simplest method to create Wi-Fi hotspot in PC:

The easiest method is just you need to download an application and run it , select a name and password for your Wi-Fi and that’s it. When you ON the Wi-Fi in your Android phone you get connected and both your PC and android devices will be under same network.
The Application is Virtual-Router which is available for Free without any ads.

Download Virtual Router for PC


-> Install the Virtual Router Application and run it.
-> Then name your Wi-Fi and password and select whether you want to share your internet or just create hotspot. —-> Next click start to create hotspot.
-> Whichever devices get connected to your Wi-Fi you can see their MAC and internal IP address.

Without having internet connection to your PC also you can create a hotspot and can connect devices to establish same network.

So that’s easy now we have established a common network for PC and Android device.

Connecting both PC and android device under Common Wi-Fi

After creating the hotspot using Virtual router or if any Wi-Fi which is available to you, open the Monect PC Remote app in your Android Phone and Select Wi-Fi. Then you can see the list of Wi-Fi connections available. Select the Wi-Fi connection to which your PC is already connected or in the PC in which you’ve created hotspot. That’s it the list of PC controllers will be shown to you.



Let’s see now how those controllers going to work.

Android as a Mouse:

To use your android device as mouse select the Touchpad from the list of controllers. On selecting it you will be shown the area which you can use it as a touchpad on moving your finger over it, the cursor on your computer starts moving. You’re also provided with Left , right and middle mouse buttons. Also for scrolling a bar is given, using that you can scroll WebPages and scrolling windows directly. If your Android device support Gyroscope sensor then you can have a 3D mouse too.


Android as a Keyboard:

From the list of Controllers available on Monect PC Remote you can see “TypeWriter Keys, Function Keys, Numeric Keypad” using those controllers you can access every key of the keyboard wirelessly using your Android Phone.
In the Function keys you’re given with the important keys  “Shutdown, Restart, My Computer, Sleep and all the functional keys”. By just pressing one key you can shut down your computer wirelessly. So easy right!


Also have a look at amazing stuff:


Android as a Wireless Data Cable:

Just like we use Data cable to transfer files from Computer to Phone or Phone to Computer , we can now transfer them just like same but wirelessly using Data Cable controller of Monect PC Remote App. Everything would be same just like when you use data cable, here we achieve that wirelessly.


To do that open the “Data Cable” controller in Monect app. On opening it you see your device storage information. Just click the start button which you see, as soon as you click that, a new window gets opened in your PC with all your android device files. Next you can move, copy or transfer any of your files between your computer and Android phone. It’s fast and will not take any time than when you use a data cable.

Android as a Joystick, Gamepad:

Yes you can use your Android phone as a joystick or Gamepad for playing games. In the list of Controllers you’re given with Race, Gamepad, Shooter Mode, Fly mode. Using all these controllers you can play the games that are suitable to the particular controller. Let’s say when you want to play FIFA game with this android GamePad, then open the PC Remote Server in the Computer which we have started in the beginning. On opening that you find Game launcher option on it, Click that and add the .exe file of the game that you want to play here say FIFA game .exe file is added to the game launcher. That’s it now you can find your Android gamepad option in the game and you can now play the game just like using the actual gamepad.


Besides gamepad, Racing and other controllers are also available. Using those you can really enjoy racing , shooting games. A separate Controller for Playing GTA game is also given. You can have fun with that GTA game controller.

Android as a PowerPoint Controller:

With the help of PowerPoint controller you can remotely access the control of the slides in your presentation. To use that select the PowerPoint Controller from the list of Controllers and select Simple or Visual control. Using simple control you can start, end, next, previous the presentation slides. And using Visual Control you can actually see the slides of your PC in your mobile and can have pointer to highlight the text also. It’s one of the useful controllers which everybody needs to have.


Wirelessly Access My Computer in Android Phone:

By using a data cable or any other cable you cannot access the files of your PC in your Phone. But using a simple controller one can access the files of your Computer wirelessly. You can also directly open images, PDF’s, Microsoft Documents directly in your Android Phone. To use that click the “My Computer” Controller in Monect list of Controllers. As soon as you click it all the drives of your PC are shown in your Android Phone. Clicking on any drive you can access the files in that drive. Amazing feature! One will definitely like this one.


Android as a Projector, Remote Desktop, Media Controller:

Yes you can project your Android screen, images, videos on your PC. Also you can remotely access your Desktop screen in your android device and can control using your android touch also.

To do that select “Projector” controller from the list of Controllers. When it opens select which type of projection you need Image or Video or your android Screen. On selecting any one you can project those on you PC screen. In the same way you can access Remote desktop on your Android Phone.


Also using “Media Controller” you can directly launch Windows Media player, control volume, select song etc.

This way you can access almost all controls of your Computer using your Android device with the help of a single application. All the controllers which we have seen are present in the Monect PC Remote app. Unified PC Remote app also has different controllers but they are limited in number. And in the free version of Monect PC remote app all the features are present but only sensitivity adjustment cannot be accessed, so that’s not a problem and not much difference between paid and free version. So you can freely enjoy these apps.

If you face any problem to control PC from android/iOS using bluetooth or wifi then don’t hesitate to ask us to clarify. If you like this trick to control your PC remotely then share it with your friends.

Have a look the tech stuff:

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