Hello blogger…Here is an article for checking the unique/ quality backlinks of a blog/ website which are displayed by Alexa. Backlinks are quite important for ranking of a website in the search engine results page. All the bloggers want to get backlinks from the top websites. But getting backlink from a top website is not that easy but there are websites which give backlinks by commenting and by some other activities .Alexa-backlinks-list

How to Choose quality links for backlinking ?

For newbies its very difficult to find and get the websites which can give backlinks to their site . For that we have some simple technique , the technique is that just observe the backlinks of the top sites or your competitive blogs and among them pick the one with high PR , high domain authority , do follow or no follow and other things which  you consider according to your niche i.e we want the quality links from the list of baclinks of other sites or competitive blogs. Now here comes the question how to check those quality backlinks of a site. For that we have so many tools available for free (limited) and paid. But in free Backlink checkers all the backlinks are not shown . And we want only quality backlinks of a blog and that to Which alexa displays (Alexa displays quality and unique links ). Here is one tool which I observed quite useful for checking the unique backlinks of a website. The tool is Rank Signals.

Rank Signals Tool for checking Alexa listed    Backlinks

Rank signal is one of the best Backlinks checker tools available for free. The speciality is that it displays only the quality and unique backlinks of a website . It displays all the backlinked sites with source url ,title of the post and Destination site’s url as well anchor text , also shows its PR( Page Rank) , dofollow or nofollow .
Its completely free to use but the only condition is that you have to register(free) otherwise it only shows few may be 10 links of a site .


How to use Rank Signals For checking quality    backlinks of a blog ?

First visit the Rank Signals website . Click here to visit
In the homepage of Rank Signals you see Input box, there enter the domain name whose backlinks you want to see.
Next you see different ranks(Page , Alexa) of that website along with 5-10 backlinks and below that you’ll be notified to sign up or login. Enter the required details and sign up and then confirm the email otherewise access is limited.
After logging in enter the domain whose quality backlinks you want to see . Then you will be provided with a list of all unique backlinks that website has. You can observe each backlink URL ,and the anchor text along with Page Rank. You can also see whether that backlink is dofollow or nofollow , or is that link still exists or removed or any error such all sorts of information is provided by this rank signals.

Now choose the backlinks with high PR , dofollow by considering all SEO aspects and your niche etc. and go there and get a backlink .

In this way Red signal helps you a lot to find and get good backlinks to our blog.
Rank Signals has chrome extension too

Rank Signals Chrome Extension

You can get the Extension from the top menu of the Rank Sigals website or you can go to chrome store to get it.
The extension is quite good it displays Alexa rank , page rank , Total links , Unique links , Alexa traffic etc. Clicking on backlinks takes you to the website and displays the links that a website has got. Remember you should login otherwise you only get limited access .Rank-signal-chrome-extension

This Rank Signals finds great use to newbies as well as other bloggers when compared with backlink checkers like SEMrush and others as its free available. Generally when you want to see the quality links of a site most probably you need premium backlink checker tools like SEMrush.

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One more free backlink checker is OpenlinkProfiler.

Here is the complete video for Checking Alexa listed backlinks of any website.


OpenLinkProfiler (In free version)

OpenLinkProfiler is also a great tool available for free  and premium as well. In the free version it  lists only the fresh backlinks which a site has got. So it is also useful when we want to check the links of high authority and high page rank sites since they quite often get backlinks. Besides these it provides  list of anchor texts , year wise links , Pages with high backlinks , also country wise links. You can export upto 1000 backlinks in free version.


So this is how we can check the quality links  of a site  for free and build our blog tactfully without going for premium tools when you are in the beginning of blogging.

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21 thoughts on “How to Check Alexa listed Backlinks for Free”
  1. Thanks for sharing this….I almost check daily my rank on Alexa. When I try to check the backlinks, Max I can do are 5 links. This post helps me 😀

  2. Hi
    I generally use Open link profiler to check backlink. It is a great tool every blogger should consider.
    Rank signals is also awesome tool. Thanks for sharing this article.

    And Admin, may be spelling mistake in this slogan “One Stop to see Technology” I think it’s Step not stop!

    Am I right?

    Would love to see your comment on my blog too! Will you?

  3. good backlinks are important to success in blogging , i use alexa but dont know about ranksignals… after visted this post i immediately found the links.. so i can check all , before i used to check in alexa rank .. now we have pay for check backlinks as a new blogger i cant afford this tool is really help me thanks admin…

  4. Great Collection of sites to check backlinks and it will help me increase backlinks.
    Huge thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ankit,
      Nice to hear from you that you found the article very useful.
      Thank you. Keep visiting for such other stuff…

  5. Hello Admin,
    I entered my Website in Rank Signals,
    It’s showing backlinks but, while going to second page It’s showing an Error like this
    Illegal string offset ‘Url’

    1. Hello Balu,
      Your blog has 21 backlinks(can see in the first row) that can be displayed only in one page. So you cannot see second page(since not enough baclinks).
      Try opening the second page after getting enough backlinks.
      I hope this would clarify your doubt.


      1. Yes Admin,
        That is showing 20 results per page, But I have 21 Backlinks. In the Next page Coming an error.
        This is what I’m saying, Thank You.
        Can I contact You Through Your Facebook Profile Page.

        1. Hello Balu,
          The reason is that one link might be a removed link. So that’s of no use to you.
          That is actually not an error. Yeah you can contact through FB page.
          Thank you…


  6. Someone here please review the features of RankSignals and Ahrefs and Majestic SEO. It should be better to take them into comparison.

    1. Generally websites will have lot of backlinks but all are not considered. Only the quality and unique ones we look at.
      Once try the Openlinkprofiler then you can understand how many backlinks it shows and then you can conclude yourself clearly.

      Thank you…

  7. Greet!, Thank so much, I can generate quality backlinks through your guidance.

  8. good backlinks are important to success in blogging , i use alexa but dont know about ranksignals… after visted this post i immediately found the links.. so i can check all , before i used to check in alexa rank .. now we have pay for check backlinks as a new blogger i cant afford this tool is really help me thanks admin…

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