Clipart is an image without any extra background (may be transparent) which is easy to paste on any image or file so that it gives a real look. Cliparts will find great use when you want to change background of your photo then if you have a clip art of your photo you can directly place your image on any image(background) without any cropping of your image which gives it a real background look and you can use your clipart image to place on any number of background images which would be very easy thing do. Still there are many uses with clip arts, the above one is a general example.


How to create Clip arts in Photoshop ?

Photoshop is a giant photo editing software which does almost anything related to digital Pictures. And creating Cliparts in it would a very easy task.
To create clip arts first you need to have Photoshop Application installed in your PC (Any version of Photoshop).

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Follow the steps given below to create Clipart in Photoshop

1.      First open the Photoshop and from the menu bar at top-left corner press ‘File’and choose ‘open’ and select the image which you want to create the clip art of. Or you can just drag the image into the Photoshop.

2.    Now choose ‘Quick selection tool’ or Magnetic lasso tool’ from the tool bar on left side to select the borders of your image. You can also choose ‘Magic wand tool’ if your image has a plane background.



3.   Select the image along boundary using above tools. After selection Switch to Move tool (you can just press ‘V’ on your keyboard to switch)

4.  Now you find cursor with scissors when you hover your mouse over your selection, now you can copy or cut your selection by pressing ‘Ctrl + C’ or ‘Ctrl+ X’.


5.   Next from menu bar on top-left corner go to ‘File’ and open ‘New’(or you can press ‘Ctrl+N’ ). And just choose last option i.e., background as ‘Transparent’.


6.     Now just paste your copied or cut image by pressing ‘Ctrl+V’ that’s all.
7.     Now save your image as ‘.png’ format by going to ‘File’(Top-left corner in menu bar) and choose ‘Save as’.
8.   The image format should be ‘.png’ its compulsory otherwise transparency of the image will be lost so remember to save image in .png format.
      If you have good knowledge about Photoshop, then here is the total of above summary.
First choose your image and select its boundary(outline) and Paste the selected part on a transparent background and save it as .png format. That’s it.
Still if you want clear explanation then watch this video Howto create clipart in Photoshop ?

In this way you can create nice Cliparts in Photoshop. For cliparts Google is the best source you get lot of cliparts there, just search  as ‘ cliparts png’ and you will be presented with bundle of cliparts, by save image as option you can download those clip arts to your computer.

I hope this helps you create cliparts with  ease. If you have any doubt feel free to comment.
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