The way we access content online is changing day by day and this is the reason why we need to know about these proxy sites. The changes occurring in content access can be observed in various aspects like the speed in accessing the content, accessing devices, and the content itself. Due to various reasons, the content is blocked at certain places in the world. Sometimes you might have noticed “this content is restricted or this content/webpage is blocked or this site is blocked in your country, etc,” notices when you visit certain websites. As already said there are various reasons for restricting access to the content. In this article, we’re going to see a free proxy site list using which one can access the restricted sites/content almost from any part of the world.



What these proxy sites are?

Before we get into the list of proxy sites, let’s see what these proxy sites are. Generally, when we visit a website our IP address is recorded and the content is delivered. Sometimes a certain type of content/site is not accessible to you because based on your IP(specific to your location) that site/content might have been blocked by your local ISPs. So in order to access that restricted content, you need to change your IP which means your location.  Without changing your location in order to access anything that is blocked based on IP can be unblocked using certain services known as proxies or virtual private networks. A proxy server is nothing but a server that has access to the sites that are blocked and can help you to access the blocked sites through their servers virtually without changing your physical location.

When you make a request to a blocked webpage through a proxy site, the request is first sent to the proxy server and from there it requests the webpage and after fetching the content it will be sent to you. Also when you use proxy sites, your IP address is hidden which means the sites that you visited will not know your IP address, as the request is sent from a proxy server on behalf of you. So in simple words, proxy sites are nothing but the masks to hide your IP and unblock restrictions. There are also VPNs that help you to access the web more anonymously. These VPNs work at the Operating system level unlike the proxy sites which are specific to the application and come as a software which can completely change the IP address of your device and every request made from your device will be anonymous. We have already seen about the free proxy softwares available in the past you can have a look at them. However proxy sites are very handy to instantly access the blocked websites to get our work done immediately. You can go through this proxy servers article to know more about it. And in that, there are paid and free sites as well. To get premium services you need to opt for the paid plans. Following below you can find the free proxy sites list.  We have a few handpicked sites below to help you directly unblock the sites.

Handpicked free proxy site list proxy site

Using this site you can directly visit the Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Imgur directly from the homepage. This site helps to select the type of IP based on speed directly from the search bar itself.

You can visit my-proxy using this → Link

This is yet another good site that adds to the proxy site list where you can browse with good speed. From the homepage itself you can directly access the Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc sites. You also get to select options like encrypt URL, encrypt page, allow cookies, remove scripts, etc on this site.

You can visit filterbypass site using this→ Link

This unblock proxy site is known for unblocking the video platforms and from the homepage, you can directly access the various video sites in a click. You can also unblock other sites not just video sites using this where you can choose your IP to be from US or UK.

Visit this unblockedvideos proxy server site using → Link

Genmirror is another very good site to unblock the restricted sites with good speed. On the homepage, you can find most of the popular sites for direct access. You can use youtube using this site without any much interruption. Following below you can also find the other fresh unblocked proxy sites.

If you want to visit genmirror site use this → Link


Top 120 Best free proxy site list

S.NO. Site name Address
1 4Ever Proxy
2 America Proxy
3 Anonymouse anonymouse.organonhtml
4 Brazil Proxy
5 Ca Proxies
6 Canada Proxy
7 Change IP & Country
8 Cool Proxy
9 Crazy Proxy
10 DeFilter
11 Don’t Filter
13 England Proxy
14 Europe Proxy
15 Extreme Proxy
16 Fast School Proxy
17 Fast Time
18 Fast USA Proxy
19 fast USA proxy
20 FB Proxies
21 Fish Proxy
22 Free Open Proxy
23 Free Proxy Server
24 Free Proxy win
25 Free Publick Proxy
26 Free You Proxy Tube
27 Free YouTube Proxy
28 Go Proxy
29 Greatest Free Proxy
30 Hidden Digital Info
31 Hide IP Proxy
32 Hide Me Ass
33 Hide My Ass
34 Hide My Trax Proxy
35 Hide N Seek
36 Hide The Internet
37 Hidester hidester.comproxylist
39 Hope Proxy
40 Host App
41 Intern Cloud
42 IP Switcher
43 Just Proxy
44 Just Unblock It
45 K Proxy
46 King Surf Proxy
47 Korea Proxy
48 KProxy Site
49 Me Hide
50 Mega Proxy
51 Monster Proxy
52 Network Bypass
53 New IP Now
54 Ninja Cloak
55 Orange Proxy
56 PHP Proxy
57 PK Proxy
58 Private Surf
59 Pro Intern
60 Prox Me Call Me Names
61 Proxay
63 Proxy
64 Proxy 2014
65 Proxy 2014
66 Proxy 2015
67 Proxy 4 Freedom
68 Proxy Browse
69 Proxy Internet
70 Proxy One
71 Proxy Pirate
72 Proxy Power
73 Proxy Site
74 Proxy This
75 Proxy Tube
76 Proxyfree
77 Proxyo
78 Proxysite
79 Proxy-youtube
80 Pun Proxy
81 Push Proxy
82 Quick Proxy
83 Rapid Proxy
84 Remove Filters
85 Rexoss
86 Safe Proxy
87 Saoudi Proxy
88 See Proxy
89 Singapore Proxy
90 Skull Proxy
91 Sporium
92 SSL Proxy
93 Stardoll Proxy
94 Stealth Proxy
95 Suede Proxy
96 Surf for Free
97 Surf Proxy
98 The Best Proxy
99 Travel VPN
100 UK – Proxy
101 Unblock youtube
102 Unblocker
103 Unlock My Web
104 US Proxies
105 US Proxy
106 USA fastproxy
107 videounblocker
108 View Youtube
109 VPN Browse
110 Vtunnel
111 Web Proxy Free
112 Web Surf
113 Work Host
114 Working Proxy
115 World Cup Proxy
116 Xite Now
117 You Server
118 Your Proxy
119 Zacebook
120 Zalmos Web Proxy

That’s about the free proxy server list, you can use them to unblock almost any site to access the restricted content in your geograhical location. If you think we have missed out any good proxy server site, do let us know through the comment section or through the contact us form.  Also if you want to share or have a question feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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