We come across different styles of font when we are dealing with text. We find usage of variety of fonts in web pages, in printed documents, in titles, in books, in newspapers etc. Do you know that all those type of fonts are made by people like us and now they are used by many other people. When you use text editor like Notepad or MS-Word there you find lot of font styles did you ever think of having your own handwriting font in that list or atleast create handwriting font like those. Yes, you can have your own hand written font there as you wish.


For that we have bundle of methods. Among them here we are going to see the best, easy, free methods to create handwriting fonts.

First we’ll see an easy method to create  handwriting font in  True type font format (format to install your font in your PC)

Using MyScriptFont.com to create handwriting font

This is the easiest and free method to create handwritten fonts.

First visit MyScriptFont.com. There under ‘Fill out the Template’ you can find an option to download Template . Download the PDF  mode of the template and get a print of that.


Fill the template with the instructions given, with your handwriting/with the type of letters you want, see that the text written  in the template should be thick enough to detect.

Next scan the filled template (image format) which you have filled with your handwriting.  Upload the scanned image in MyScriptFont.com. You can find the Upload option under ‘Upload The Scanned Template’. Don’t forget to name your handwriting as that’s  going to be your Font Name.

After completion of upload your handwriting font is generated, download the “.ttf ” format file and install it in your PC. That’s all  you’ll be able to find your font in Text editors  like word and notepad and happily use your own handwritten font where ever you want. In this way you can make your own handwriting fonts free.

Using PainFont.com to design your own font

This is just like MyScriptFont.com, here also you need download template of the characters you want and get a  print of that and fill with your handwriting and scan and upload.

You download .ttf   file and install your font.  This is also a free method.

There are other websites which also offer the same way of creating handwritten fonts but they just preview your font after uploading ,you need to pay to download your handwritten font. Among them here I list two.

Fontifier font creator

Your Fonts font maker

Besides these there are Font Editors available Online and offline which you can install in your Windows/ Mac and create your font digitally.

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Few font makers Online and Offline 

1. FontStruct

It’s an Online font editor with great interface with the best tools for manipulating the fonts. To use this you need create an account by signing up and then you can use it to create beautiful fonts.

2.Type light

This is an offline font editor available for Windows and Mac. In this you can edit .ttf (True type font ), open type font. This is available for free. Its very easy to create and edit handwritten fonts.


This is  also offline font editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It deals with .ttf, .ps(post script), open type  etc. It helps to create and edit fonts digitally that is within your computer screen.


FontCreator is available for Windows, has intuitive interface for beginners  and advanced features for font designers to create and edit .ttf, .ps and open type format font files.


FontArk is an online font creation tool with good features. Here you can create your own font and can be downloaded in .OTF format. It is available for free for limited time.

6.FontLab Studio

It’s a very good font editor which finds very powerful for Professionals to design typefaces and create or modify fonts. It is available for windows and mac. It has free and premium versions.


Fontographer, another powerful font editor by FontLab lets you create new fonts from scratch or customize the existing ones. You can open and generate Type 1, TrueType, OpenType, Type 3 fonts, you can fine-tune spacing and kerning among other special features. Fontographer is available for Windows and Mac systems.

In this way there are a number of font editors among them the above listed are very good and have great interface.

This is how we can create or edit our own handwriting font which can be installed and used in PC.

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