Hello reader , today we are with another trick which helps you record your computer screen without any external recording software. We need screen recording for various purposes. Generally most of the screen recorders are not available for free. But if you want to use free or trial versions , you’re limited to recording time , video resolution , product water marks and everything would be limited. So without investing any money now we’re going to see a fully fledged Screen recorder with unlimited time , HD resolution , and with beautiful ready-made effects which can be applied to your screen records with one click.


The trick behind without using any recording software is, here we don’t use any recording application instead we use a very familiar application which every computer will have. And that application is nothing but your MS-PowerPoint. There is a feature in it which lets us record our computer screen whole or part of screen in HD format with awesome video effects. We have already seen taking a screenshot without any software in 3 different methods. And now we’ll see how to  record computer screen using the feature of MS-Power Point.

How to Record Computer Screen with MS-Power Point ?

MS- Office has undergone incredible changes from the initial version to the present MS’13 version. It has embedded many features which makes it very user-friendly. From the list of MS applications , now we’re going to make use of video recording feature of MS-Power Point. And I think this feature may not be available in older versions (2003,2007) of MS- Office. Here I’m going to explain the method using MS-PowerPoint’13 . Let’s get started.

1. First open your MS-Powerpoint’13 and choose a blank slide.

2. Next open the window or the screen which you want to record.

3. Next switch to the Power Point and click “INSERT” at top menu bar , then at extreme right you see “Screen Recording” option click it.


4. Then you’ll be taken for selecting the size of your recording. There you can select any window or the whole desktop for recording. You can start , pause or stop recording your screen from the pop up bar which you see at top of your screen when you move your mouse(or Can use shortcuts ).


5. After completion of your recording , your recorded video opens up in Power point.

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How to edit or add effects and save video to your Computer ?

After you’re done with recording , it automatically opens up in Power point and when you select the video , you can find FORMAT option in top menu bar or it automatically shows you. There you’re provided with many editing options which are ready-made or you can have your own customized effects.

You can shape your recorded video , can change border colours , adjust brightness , also you can select the thumbnail of your video by clicking Poster frame on left side below menu bar.

When you right click the video , a list is shown , in that select “Format Video( last option)” then a right sidebar opens up there you can add your customized effects and all the effects to your video can be adjusted from there.


The best use of these effects is , here you can crop your video to any shape you want and can add shadow effects very easily . Generally adding such effects is not so easy in video editors, but here its very simple.

Now after completing your editing part , the last step remaining is to save this video to your computer. To save your video just right click your final video and select “Save Media as” and name your recording , the video format is automatically selected as mp4. That’s it. This way you can successfully record your computer screen without using external recording software.


This is the very simple and easiest method of recording your computer screen in HD format. If you like this trick then do like and share with your friends. If you know any other method of this type then share with us…

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24 thoughts on “How to record Computer Screen without recording software ?”
  1. Interesting article. Although technically it makes use of a software i.e Powerpoint. But I guess lot of users would have it installed so they dont need to download any additional software.

    1. Hello Rachit,
      I mentioned it as without recording software and power point won’t be called as so.( And what ever you want do in computer you need some App may be in built or external).
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Keep visiting…

    2. I always use acethinker screen grabber online to record my computer screen, it’s an online app, free and easy to use, no need to download or install any software. Hope you like it.

  2. Hi

    That’s a really useful article that’s very relevant to me at the moment because I want to create some videos from screenshots and that kind of thing always defeats me.

    It’s a job for the future, but I’ve saved your link and will come back to it.

    Thanks so much, Joy

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Happy to see your first land on my blog. Yes Power point is something like a multipurpose tool, if we can use it effectively its not less than a professional media editor. Yet it highly userfriendly.
      I hope you definitely enjoy its screen recording feature.
      Thank you. Keep visiting…

  3. Hi Basharath,

    I never tried recording the screen using MS Powerpoint. I will have a try at it soon to see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing the tip with others.

    Have a great blogging journey ahead.

    Keep Sharing.

    Reji Stephenson

    1. Hello sir,
      Very glad to see you on my blog. You need to try once, you’ll definitely like it, its not less than any screen recorder.
      Thank you for your visit. Keep visiting for more such tricks…


  4. Hi Akash here,
    Very good article, you really write very well. I am great fan of your blog, keep writing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post, i have been using PowerPoint on daily basis and never aware of such feature, glad i found your blog.

    Thank you very much for posting such a wonderful post, keep up the good work.


    1. Hello,
      It’s happy that you’ve liked this trick of Power point.
      Thank you for sharing your views.
      Keep visiting.


  6. very impressive article i dont know.. actually dont have the new version so its time to update my powerpoint software… will try and i need it this is good dont need any extra software thanks for sharing admin !

  7. Hi Basharath,

    Nice post – and informative – will pass to my daughter. I have a MacBook Pro and do not have Power Point.

    I use Keynote and love it, but will check out more of the features. I also use ScreenFlow software for video recording and editing and love it.

    Thanks for sharing – will spread the word.

    Have a good evening.
    Carol Amato

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Glad to see you here. If you’re not using Powerpoint, then you can also have a try at “Snagit” an image and video editor very useful for bloggers with very easy UI. OR you can try “Nimbus”, “screencastify” chrome extensions which are very light and featured.
      Thank you for sharing your views.


    2. Hi, Basharath,

      Thanks – but I’m already set with Keynote and ScreenFlow.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

      Carol Amato

  8. Hello, yes this post is really nice and I have
    learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging.


  9. I want to record videos with limited views for educational purpose. But it does not allow any software to run while watching videos. Do you have any suggestion for it?

      1. Like, I got an encrypted pendrive, which has limited views I.e. 3 views and then the video is gone automatically. Sometimes I am unable to complete the video within 3 views and its gone. So I want to record it for future piurpose.
        Most of the easily available software are blocked by the pendrive while viewing the video, so I am unable to recod it.

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