Google chrome is the most widely used browser through out the world with 50 percent plus users. The simple looking sophisticated browser is embedded with many useful features which makes surfing the web easier and faster. The worth noting thing is that it is monitored by the giant search engine Google which ensures the simplicity and very good UI , UX.

Most of us use Chrome as the default browser as it’s fast , has great features and supports the latest html , CSS and other web formats and all these makes us to use Chrome as the default browser.


As we knew chrome has got many amazing features which makes our web surfing smoother and easier but not all of us know all about those features. So in order to give you a clear idea of all google chrome features and their usage to save your couple of minutes we have got here an article explaining all the tactics to use Chrome browser in a more effective and productive manner.

Lets start here…

How to use google chrome browser effectively ?

1. Speed up your Chrome usage with shortcuts

Generally using shortcuts in your computer can save you lot of time (may seem little for you but it’s very productive) instead going every time for mouse. For instance if you want to hide the bookmark bar in chrome then simply “Ctrl + Shift + B” will do a great job than going for menu selecting bookmark setting and then selecting the right option.

So to surf the web faster and effectively one must need to know the browser shortcuts. You need not memorize all the shortcuts but few basic will do a great job. Below are few basic and very useful shortcuts for Chrome browser.

Chrome browser Short cuts:

2. Using Chrome extensions

Extensions of a browser make your online work go simpler. Extension is a piece of code added to your browser to make it produce your desired output. Lets say an extension “Grammarly” when you install this on your chrome , you’ll be suggested to correct any spelling mistakes of text which you type in your browser or websites like Fb, twitter. “Grammarly” is just an example still there are a wide variety of chrome extensions available for different niche in a large number. Like for students , amateur internet users , bloggers… there are a huge number of extensions. These extensions helps you for quick logging in your Social networks , for email notifications, for creating quick note of the things, or saving any text on webpages with one click…etc and for various uses which will really save your time.

We have already seen few best chrome extensions which every chrome user should have and for bloggers must have extensions , you can go through those awesome extensions. To get your desired extensions just visit chrome store and search for the extension which you wanted ( filters are provided) and select , install and use it. To visit Chrome store click here.

3. Using Chrome Apps

Besides extensions chrome also provides you with some great feature i.e., Apps. Among chrome apps , there are offline and online apps. In offline apps you can have variety of utility , educational , gaming.. etc. apps. While surfing web you need not always switch to you PC’s application to do your simple tasks because you can get your work done with the help of these chrome apps. In the chrome store itself you’ll get apps as well as extensions. Also there are large number of game apps online and offline in chrome store to entertain you while browsing. We all know the Dinosaur game which we play during offline. And now through apps you can play such amazing games offline in your browser. We have already seen 5 best offline games to play in chrome besides dinosaur. So thus chrome apps will also contribute to our effective browsing.

4. Using Bookmarks and synching

Bookmarking is the most common thing which everybody does. Lets say you’ve visited some new website whose name is difficult to remember or that particular article in that website is interesting or you wanted again to visit that site like google then always just use the short cut “Ctrl + D” or just click the star which you see in the Omnibox(URL box) at extreme right to bookmark that particular webpage. You can adjust your bookmarks below the omnibox as much as space provided , after which all your bookmarks are saved in a folder at extreme right of bookmarks.

Whenever you change your PC you can get your bookmarks to that PC by exporting them from your own PC by going to Chrome menu> bookmarks>bookmark manager> Organize. But its not always preferred because you need to carry the bookmark list. The best thing is to synch all your bookmarks , extensions and apps by logging into chrome. So whenever you want your bookmarks from anywhere you can just login into chrome and use it like your Own chrome browser. You can login into chrome by going to settings or just click the icon shown beside minimize button at top right corner. So never worry of loosing your bookmarks , just synch them.

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5. Saving the webpage as PDF

Its not always possible to take print out of the web pages , in that case if information is saved in easy accessible format like PDF which can be accessed and stored for later use. And One of the best features of google chrome is that you can save any web page as a PDF. This feature is quite helpful for everyone. You can even customize your PDF before saving. Customizations include colour , size, dpi, background graphics etc.


To save webpage as PDF

  1. First go to print option by “Ctrl + P”
  2. By the side of the “Destination” option click Change and choose “save as PDF” option.
  3. Then click Save. That’s it.

6. Effective settings

There are few settings in chrome by which you can make an effective use of it. Lets say you have visited few sites which you found them as very important and you’re made to close the browser due to power issue or some urgent work. As a result you may forget about them.When you visit chrome next time and if you want to visit those sites again you need to go through your all history to find out those. So to avoid all that there is some tweak which can resume your whole tabs of websites.

To set that go to menu (Alt + F) > Settings > On Startup> Select ” Continue where you left off” option or any other which you want.Chrome-browser-startup

Other thing is you can pin the tabs whichever you want to open on startup of browser.

To pin a tab right click on tab and select Pin tab. Then you can always find that tab in the list of tabs.

One more Setting which is worth to note is protecting your privacy from friends. Whenever somebody uses your PC, they can find your username of your website logins due to Auto-fill feature of Chrome. To ON/OFF that feature go to setting and advanced setting ” Password and forms” check your desired options. This feature lets you login faster in the websites.Chrome-password-forms

7. Google Chrome as a Media player

Chrome which is not only a browser, besides it acts like a multipurpose tool with its amazing features. You can use chrome as a Media player to open almost all types of media formats. It can open video and audio of almost all popular formats like .mp4 ,.mp3 .mkv, .3gp etc. The images of all popular formats .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png can also be opened using Chrome.

To open any of the media just drag it to the chrome browser or by right clicking select “open with” and then choose chrome.

The commonly used file format i.e., PDF , can also be opened in chrome. The best thing chrome helps in dealing with PDFs is we can remove the Password of encrypted PDF easily. Generally removing password for a PDF needs a separate software but chrome does it very well.

How to remove password of a PDF using Chrome

  1. First open the encrypted PDF file in Chrome by dragging it into chrome or by right clicking.
  2. Then enter the password of the file. And then save it as PDF by going to print option (Ctrl +P). That’s it you’ll never be asked password to open that PDF file.

8. Running android apps

This is the latest feature of Chrome which was inadvertently found recently. ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) welder is the chrome app which lets you open any android app in chrome browser. It is in beta version now , soon we may have full fledged features. To know how to run android apps in chrome here is the step by step procedure to run android apps using ARC welder you can go through it for clear understanding.


So that’s about effective usage of Chrome browser. If you feel anything missing over here then do let us know. Share your views and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any doubts. Sharing is caring.

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