Recently we have seen how to make word clouds online and offline. In this article we’re going to see how to design our texts , or images beautifully with ASCII art or text art. Firstly we see briefly what an ASCII art is. It is a graphic design technique to present texts and images with the help of characters available in ASCII list of codes. But what are the ASCII list of codes ? You can see this article to get clear insight of it.


Now you’re aware of ASCII and its codes. Generally when installing some Computer application you see Read me .txt and at the end of it you see author/website credits with text designed with numbers , symbols , characters and is itself an ASCII art. Also in messages in whats-app or other social networking sites you see some wishes or greeting with big texts designed with numbers and symbols. Now its very easy to create those big texts with symbols without much effort . Actually to create those text arts easily we need some coding skills with loop techniques but today we need not require any programming for that . Because there are sites and softwares which creates those big text arts just taking our desired text. Here we see different easy methods for converting text to ASCII art also of Images.

Online text to ASCII art Generators

There are many online text to ascii creators available but only few will be productive. So here we’ll see only the best among them with maximum possible features and also the links of other creators will be provided to you if you want to have a look at them.


Patorjk is the best text to ASCII art generator available online. Its very simple to use and is free. Its best feature is that it converts the text to art in no time , just while entering your text it creates character art of it . When you run this converter once it stores all data , and converts the next text without any internet. The most amazing thing is that it converts your text to 314 different styles within no time in, 3d mode (with different views) , with normal punctuation marks ,….and many other styles.


» To create your text art first visit the Patorjk site and naviagate to the Software and from there “Text ASCII art Generator”. Click here to visit directly.

» After visiting the Converter page , you see an input box with “type something ” edit it start typing your desired text ,
below that you can find your text art generating

» You can change your font style , character width , height from side panel .

» You can select the style of your art one at a time or click ” Test all ” to see all 314 style arts at a time,by scrolling down you can see your texts in 314 different styles. You can directly copy and paste your ASCII art generated in messages or in social networking , or you can share it with your friends.

One more point is that it’s available as a Chrome app you can download it from chrome store and use as app, for first time you need Internet to activate whenever you open the app .

Other online text art generators :




Online image to ASCII art Converters :

Just like we have converted our text to ASCII art we can also convert a picture to text art online . This job can be easily done by using PicAscii site. Its very simple to use . It converts your picture to text art in two forms , one is normal text you can copy and paste wherever you want , and other form is html , if you want the generated text art of your picture to be placed on your  blog /website ,you can use that html code.


» To use it first visit the picascii website. Click here to visit.

» There you can upload an image from your computer or from the web. To upload image from web paste url of that image in box provided

» You can adjust the size of your text art with numbers from 1-5 , and also can choose coloured or uncoloured with check box.

» When you click generate button your text  art of your picture gets generated and use whichever form you need.

Other Online Image to text art converters:




ASCII art generator softwares:

As you have seen online convertors for creating text arts , also there are few computer applications without any coding , user friendly, available for creating good text arts. We see one here.

ASCII art studio

This is one like the image editor. Here you can create text art of your own hands , convert image or text to a text art. Its simply nothing but a drawing board where your drawing is made of ASCII characters , you can choose each of your character which you want to appear in your drawing just like switching the brushes or pens in an image editor.
One great feature of this application is that while converting image to text art , the characters chosen for representing that image are in such a way that it looks like a real pencil drawing .


With one click you can create text art of you text , with any character you want from the list of ASCII codes.
You will have Brush , Free hand , selection , Fill , even Pickup options available just like the standard image editor but just the drawing is replaced with ASCII characters.

With these features you’ll be really excited to see that application. You can download ART studio from the below given link.

Download Art studio

Similar Application of the this type:

ASCII art Maker

And this is all about creating ASCII arts from texts and pictures . If you have any doubt , you can ask us by commenting and don’t forget to give us a share if you like this…

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