Content marketing has come a long way. It is a practical, effective, and quite a useful marketing strategy that can help a company in tapping and converting quality customers and leads. This tremendous inbound marketing strategy can help a brand in attracting, delighting, and engaging it’s existing and prospective customers through its impeccable content.

The content we are referring to here is aimed to provide value to every user who visits the company website. A whopping 93% of companies prefer content marketing over traditional marketing strategies. It can boost brand awareness and brand loyalty among customers.


As with the current rage of advertising, you might wonder if content marketing has the potential to grow your business. If you are still apprehensive about incorporating content marketing into your marketing strategies, here are some valid points why you should go for it.

Your Company Needs Content Marketing

To Boost Conversion – Do you know that content marketing has the potential to boost conversions by 6 times as compared to other marketing strategies? Companies that look forward to higher customer acquisition should opt for content marketing strategies. Although it demands a significant investment of resources, time, and money, it ultimately pays off with more conversions.

To Educate Customers – Brands that wish to create a difference in society should use content marketing apart from rolling out videos using youtube video editors, to educate their customers. It is an excellent way to solve their queries and issues through engaging content.

Developing topics around the general problems of consumers will prove to be a great idea here. Any company that wants to grow with its consumers should use content marketing as their primary tool to lead the race.

To get Higher Traffic – Any company that is planning to get higher traffic on its web pages by the next quarter should invest in content marketing. You see, publishing consistent blog posts that are effective and engaging can bring in higher website traffic. As per the latest report of HubSpot, brands that rolled out 16+ blogs in a month were able to get 3.5 times higher website traffic as compared to lesser ones.

To Create Brand Awareness – There are hundreds of customers who are a perfect fit for a brand, but somehow are unaware of its products and services. It is because they have never heard or read about the brand.

By publishing creative and meaningful content that is directed towards creating value for the target audience can help in creating brand awareness. Higher brand awareness will ultimately lead to higher conversions and profits.

Fostering Stronger Relationships – Over 78% of the consumers believe that the brands that invest in content marketing and come up with consistent blog posts intend to foster long-term relations with them.

Do you also want to boost repeat business and convert consumers into brand advocates? If yes, it is crucial to nurture your existing customer relationships. All you need to do is roll out enticing, high-quality, and appealing content and foster stronger consumer relationships.

To Guide Buyers – Every buyer passes through various stages before making a purchase decision. First of all, they will identify their needs and problems. Thereafter, they will evaluate the available solutions and will finally make a buying decision.

Companies that aim to broaden their coverage can smoothen this process by publishing comprehensive blog posts that are directed towards solving consumer issues in the best possible way. The main motive of these blogs should be to guide the consumers to make a purchase decision quickly.

To Build Trust – Sky’s the limit for a brand that is successful in earning the trust and confidence of its target audience. By releasing educational and informative content, a company can create a feeling of trust in the minds of the customer. They will eventually start depending upon the brand for their issues and problems.

To get a Higher Search Engine Ranking – You see, Google works hard to display the most relevant content, users search for. It offers top ranking to the content that is informative and engaging. The search engine algorithm is constantly changing. But rolling out useful and relevant blog posts with crucial keywords will ensure constant ranking for a longer time.

To Attract the Right Kind of Buyers – Do you know that 6 out of every 10 consumers prefer to first read about a product before investing in it? Every company caters to a separate set of audience. Social media advertising through Instagram video editor is comprehensive and meant to attract a large section of the audience.

But content marketing aims at attracting the ideal buyers for a brand. For instance, publishing blog posts targeting the common challenges of the consumers and guiding them will add value to their lives. This practice will filter the right kind of audience to a brand.

To Become an Industry Expert – Companies that are successful in attracting buyers through their engaging content tend to become industry experts in the long run. Consumers turn to these brands for their issues, challenges, and needs. It is a golden opportunity for companies to tap a significant portion of consumers by releasing relevant products.

Bottom Line

Over 80% of consumers prefer custom content from their favourite brands. Every time a company delivers quality content that helps the consumers in making smart purchase decisions, it is building faith and trust in the minds of the consumers. This practice further encourages repeat sales and ROI of the company.

Companies must ensure that they roll out content that sets them apart from the rest of the brands. The USP of the content should be its usability and relevance for the consumers.

Injecting business culture and values in the content will prove to be a masterstroke for the companies.

Remember, the prospective consumer is looking out for valuable content, and you can convert him by giving him one. It is the right time for companies to build their brand authority in the market. Marketers who wish to go for video marketing should connect with a professional to understand how to create a video.

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    Content marketing has come a long way. It is a practical, effective, and quite a useful marketing strategy.
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