The last ten years have seen a magnanimous increase in the use of social media. In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has restricted people to their homes and maintain social distancing. In such a situation, social media has become the one and only way of staying connected with one’s peers.

With a host of social media options available today, one would expect the crowd to disperse and choose different platforms. However, it is interesting to note that Instagram is the one that has stood out from the rest by having a larger number of active members. What is interesting for brands boosting sales is that a significant fraction of Instagram users follow at least one business account. That way, if your photos or videos can strike a chord with the audience, you will have gained active followers.


While it might be difficult to tell a story through a picture, videos are an effective way of conveying sentiments or factors. With the launch of IGTV, Instagram opened the doors to a new era, which is a boon for brands looking to boost their sales with minimal investments. In this article, we will explore how IGTV can be channelized to drive sales during the pandemic.

IGTV to Boost Sales Amidst the Pandemic

Establish a Brand Identity

Unless you are a newcomer in the world of digital marketing, you would have a digital identity. From your theme choice to the fonts and colors that you have been using, there are quite a few things that your users relate your brand with. For them, switching over to a new platform will be a jarring experience.

This is especially true for older customers who aren’t well versed in technology and apps. The simplest thing that you can do to make them feel comfortable is to stick to your iconic fonts, logos, and style while making a jump to a new platform like IGTV.

Leave Room for Silent Viewing

The IGTV app is so designed that the video starts playing when you open the app. The default mode of a video is silent, and the viewer will have to go ahead and unmute the video to hear the sound. In such a setup, if you can tell your story without the need for audio, you will have better chances of grabbing the attention of the audience.

Considering that most millennials view Instagram and Facebook in silent mode, working on your video maker to come up with a silent video will increase its chances of being shared. You can take it a notch further and make the most of subtitles.

Cross-Promote your IGTV Content

If you are already maintaining other digital marketing channels (can b4e anything from your official website to a social media page of YouTube channel), inform your viewers about your IGTV venture. This is especially true for your Instagram followers as they will not have to download a separate app to view the videos you post on IGTV.

Moreover, whenever you create a video on IGTV, make it a practice to come up with an Instagram story that has a link to the IGTV video. You may also choose to post a minute-long preview of such videos in your Instagram feed a wherein your viewers will need to select ‘Keep Watching’ after that to watch the video. Sharing the IGTV video directly on a linked Facebook account or Twitter and email newsletters will go a long way in cross-promoting the videos.

Do Not Beat About the Bush

The average viewer today has a much shorter attention span than someone in the past, and considering the amount of video content that is being created every day, you will barely have 15 to 20 seconds to convince viewers not to scroll past your video.

This is especially true if you are sharing your IGTV on video on a platform like Instagram, where after 30 seconds, the viewers will be asked whether they want to keep watching it. Use an intro maker to come up with an engaging introduction that covers topics like what the video is about, who it for, and why it is worth their time.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Any brand that is into Instagram marketing is aware of the role of hashtags in boosting the reach of a post. However, considering that the search functionality of IGTV isn’t particularly great, hashtags are even more important for your IGTV videos. The app does not allow one to search for topics, something you would do on platforms like YouTube or Google+.

Search in the IGTV app is restricted to looking up profile names. In such a situation, the use of relevant hashtags will help brands reach out to non-followers as well. How this works is when an Instagram user searches for a hashtag that is associated with your video, the video will show up in their Instagram search results.

Avoid Posting Duplicate Content

While it is a good idea for a brand to share its IGTV videos in other platforms, avoid posting duplicate content. For example, if you have a 15-second promotional clip, you do not have to post it in your Instagram story and then again on IGTV. Doing so will discourage people from following you on multiple platforms.

Ideally, long-form video content is more popular in IGTV and it is a good idea for you to restrict your posts to only those in a long format. If your budget permits, creating TV series for IGTV where its 80% educational content and the rest is promotional is a good way to attract the attention of your target group. Such a series will also engage your existing customers and ensure that they stay loyal to your brand.

The realm of IGTV is diverse and how you use it is left solely to your discretion. However, make sure that whatever videos you make, your viewers are encouraged to like and comment on it. The comments will give you feedback on how to improve your content and drive better sales for your organization.

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