Word Cloud aka (also known as) Tag cloud, Text cloud – (a mixer of words ) is a visual representation for text data, typically used to depict keywords on websites, or to visualize free form text , which helps in perceiving the most prominent terms. This is one of the most important methods in emphasizing the terms mingled with lot of other words or tags. We see Word clouds mainly when there is something to be presented or explained about a topic ,and this word cloud would be Conspicuous for the desired terms of our topic. Also it would be a fun creating different Word clouds.Techs-text-Cloud

Generally Tag clouds can be created in normal photo editor where you need to enter each term , choose colour , font , style , size and alignment for all the words. And that would definitely be a tedious job. Its easy to escape from doing all those as today we have so many Text cloud . creators Online as well as offline which makes our job much easier.In this article we’re going to see different ways to create Tag clouds. Lets see one by one.

Different Methods to create Word Clouds

1. Online Word Cloud creators

There are many  Cloud creators available online for free and paid . Among them I found one which is available for free and paid versions. Free version is quite good and has enough features to create awesome Tag clouds. And that creator is Tagul.

Tagul :

Tagul is the best Word Cloud generator online with great features. Why it is best , we are going to see now. First to access it you need to register. After registering login. Next Click “Create new word cloud “.

» First Name your Cloud , Now move for Words menu ,there you can import the text file of words , or  enter the words manually . Adjust the size of the words which you want to highlight(appear big) , and select other option as you like .


» Here you can select the Shape you want your Text Cloud to appear . You have the chance to upload your image of your shape also.


» Choice to select the Font for your Text Cloud


» In layout you can select the alignment of your text in cloud , you’re provided with various choices , select one you like.


» In Colour menu you can select the colour of your cloud , or use the colour of the shape. For instance if I choose apple , then colour of it would be green.


» When you click Visualise on your right side , you can see the Text cloud of your words. You can also change the position of your words by clicking “Edit mode”.


» At last you can export your Text cloud by using print option or From “Grab and Share” menu,  in different ways.


Tagul gives a chance to get your cloud Printed on T-shirts , Cups , or some other wears . You can buy from their store. And all these features are available for free so its quite good.

Also before looking at Tagul , there are two amazing Word cloud generators they are Wordle and Tagxedo. They are I can say , much featured than Tagul , but the problem with them is they need extra plugins , for running in chrome and firefox. And those plugins are not allowed by chrome so you cannot use them. By installing Silverlight , you can use Tagxedo in Internet explorer and Firefox. If you want to try you can. After these two Tagul is the best.

Other Free Online Word cloud Makers:


ABCya Word cloud Creator




Also Check :

2. Offline Word Cloud Creators

Offline Tag cloud creation is possible with a software installed in the PC. So here we are going to the Word Cloud creating Software.


Wordaizer is the Application available free for Windows for creating Word Clouds. Its is easy to use , if you have some idea about  cloud creation. Here we’ll see briefly the usage of Wordaizer.
1. First download the latest Wordaizer and install in your PC. Click here to download.
2. From the menu bar Click “File” , & then “New text file” . Upload the text file of your words .


3. Click start at bottom left , to see the  Text cloud.
4. Next you can design your Text cloud shape , size, text , style everything from left available panel . after every change click start . That’s it you’re changes takes place .


5. To export cloud click “File” in main menu and then “save picture” ( or use Ctrl+S ) .

This is how you can create Text cloud or Tag cloud using Wordaizer . Also you can create your moving word cloud video in wordaizer. You can have fun with this Wordaizer.

Chrome Extensions/App for Creating Text Cloud:

Yes there are few extension and apps available to create Word Cloud online and offline.  iLanguage Cloud is the chrome app available for creating Tag cloud offline ,you can save the cloud by taking a screenshot.Already we have seen how to take screenshot of a part of screen without any software you can have a quick look at it.


Two good Chrome extensions which I found  are “Word Cloud Website Preview “and “WordCloudIt”.

Word Cloud Website Preview Chrome Extension :

With this extension you can create Text cloud from the available text in the website or the selected text’s cloud. To get the image of the cloud you need to take screenshot of it.We have already seen how to capture a part of computer screen without any software, you can have a quick look at it.


WordCloudIt Chrome extension :

This extension creates the Word Cloud of the text selected in the website. With this extension you can download the image of the cloud with one click. Its very helpful for creating cloud of your social media texts , or the posts of your website , or for summarizing the content of a website.


I hope this guide is going to help you in all the possible ways for creating Word Clouds with ease. If you like this then don’t forget to share . If you have any doubts feel free to comment.

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