A multiplayer game allows more than one person to play in the same environment and at the same time. The players can be seated together or play from other locations. These games allow you to teamwork and can be played on different modes. These games have become increasingly popular these days owing to its huge availability and interesting gameplay strategies. Thanks to the up-gradation of technologies, the experience of gaming is constantly getting better for users which helps in online multiplayer games for android.  Like your computer, you can carry your android phone in your pocket and experience the fun world of online gaming through the different online multiplayer games which allows you to play with other players around the world. Below are some of the top online multiplayer games for android and for the best offline android games you can follow that article.


Best Online Multiplayer Games for Android


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive game that was originally developed by Bluehole. This is the most commonly played online multiplayer games android. Apart from Android, this game can also be supported on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS and PS4. This game allows up to 100 players to fight in the battleground. Players can play in different modes namely Solo, Duo, Squad and Zombies for Custom servers. The game commences with the player parachuting to one of the four mentioned maps. Then they wander in search of weapons, armours and other equipment that can help them to combat the opponents. The final survivor becomes the winner and is awarded Chicken Dinner.  The availability of various weapons and cool features makes the game interesting for gamers.  This is undoubtedly one of the best online multiplayer games for Android.


You can get the PUBG game from PlayStore → Link

Critical ops:

This is a popular online multiplayer game for Android. This 3D FPS was published by Critical Force Ltd. First-person shooter game has various modes like Defuse, TEAM Deathmatch, Gun games etc. which are increasingly popular for users. You can kill your components easily and complete daily missions to earn credits. This game has high-quality graphics. You can chill out your friends playing this game and make them a part of your clan. Counter-strike is an important feature of this game which makes it so popular. The action-packed game can spice up your lazy evening.


You can get the critical ops android game from PlayStore→ Link

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Fortnite Battle Royale:

This third-person shooter game was originally published by Epic Games and is one of the best online games for android. Here the players reach an unknown island and defend themselves from other competitors. This can be played as Solo, Duos or Squads. Apart from Android, it can also be played on platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Nintendo Switch. This multiplayer game allows up to 100 players. This has different chapters with different seasons. This game has won several awards like ‘Best Co-Op game’ by PC Gamer and Best Spectator game by IGN etc.


You can download the Fortnite battle royale game using this→ Link

Battlelands royale:

This can be a popular alternative to PubG or Fortnite as this lets you parachute down to the different maps like the other two mentioned games. This is a commonly played online multiplayer games Android. This game allows you to carry only one gun at a time. A quick decision-maker can win in this game as in some scenarios it becomes essential to confront the enemies while in other cases it is essential to be defensive.


You can get the Battlelands royale game from PlayStore→ Link

Clash Of Clans:

Developed by Supercell, this is one of the most popular online multiplayer android games Owing to its user-friendliness it is increasingly popular with users. The continuous updates of this game help it to evolve continuously. Apart from Android, this can also be used on the iPhone and iOS. Play this multiplayer online game to destroy enemies and lead your team to success. The courageous members of the village can be set to face different missions. It gives extreme pleasure to build your community and train the members. Some of the virtues you may need to be a winner of this game are strategic thinking, quick decision making, good leadership skills, agility, etc.


You can download clash of clans games from PlayStore→ Link

Asphalt 9 Legends:

Developed by Gameloft Barcelona, this is a popular car racing game that can be played on your Android device. This can give you an adrenaline rush while you drive the fastest car in your fearless speed. This can give you a flavour of driving the most sophisticated cars like Ferrari, Porshe, Lamborgini, etc. in the limited power of your Android. You will fall in love with the graphics of this game. This addictive game can keep you glued to your screen for hours. This has both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, in the multiplayer mode of this game, better awards can be received. Apart from Android, this game is also supported in other platforms like NJintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows 10 and Macintosh operating systems.


You can download asphalt 9 legends from PlayStore→ Link

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

This is one of the most commonly played 2 player android games, developed by Gameloft Barcelona. This follows a similar gameplay of that of Asphalt 7. The 4 controls in this game namely ‘’Tilt to Steer’’, ‘’Tilt and Icons’’, ‘’On Screen Controls’’ and ‘’Tap to steer’’ allows the gamers to experience fun driving. This is evolving constantly with the passage of time and new updates are getting launched. Experience doing stunt jumps, fearless driving along with amazing graphics.


You can download Asphalt 8 airborne through Playstore→ Link

Brawl Stars:

This fast-paced battle game lets you confront the other brawlers alone(solo mode) or with your friends)(Duo). Matchmaking is an important feature in this game.


You can download Brawl Stars from PlayStore→ Link

Offline multiplayer games for Android:

Amongst the offline multiplayer games for Android, Air Combat racing tops the list. This is popularly preferred by gamers and has a huge number of downloads in the Playstore. Through this, you can experience the best aircraft racing.

Hence these are some of the famous and best online multiplayer games for Android. People have become increasingly addicted to these games due to their cool features. Additionally, since man is a social animal, hence he misses no chances to socialize with others. Since multiplayer games allow gamers to meet new people and make new friends, this is more preferred to the single-player games. Additionally, multiplayer games also give you a chance to spend a fun time with your friends. The multiplayer addiction is more common for Android users. If you know any other good online multiplayer games you can share us through the comment section, we can update the same in this article.

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