Most Android games depend on data or internet connection. Internet use varies from downloading from game servers to gaining DRM protection. It seems like every game needs a web connection to run correctly. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of the internet. There are tonnes of android apps and games out there and to help you with the best ones we have got here some of the best offline Android games that don’t require any internet connection at all. Let’s see the list of games below.


Best offline android games 2020

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the newer free offline games for Android. The game is a side-scrolling infinite runner, where the player skis down various slopes, make multiple jumps and collects several coins. The coins which a player has to garner unlockable customisation content. Alto’s Odyssey is packed with colourful and good-looking graphics without being overly realistic. The mechanics of the game are also straightforward to handle. Players move forward alone, and all that needs to be done is controlling jumps and air flips. The game also comes with advertising. Don’t worry, however, you are also able to pay to remove the ads or buy coins to unlock customisation content. So, it’s easy to see why such a simple and free game is one of the top offline android games in recent times.

You can grab this Alto’s Odyssey game from the Google Playstore, following this → Link

2. Reigns series

Reigns is a franchise of basic card games where players game as a ruler and acquire cards. The games simplicity is what makes it one of the best offline games for Android. Each game card gives players an option to swipe left to agree or swipe right to disagree. The decision a player make either takes them to the next stage or ends their reign. Reign boasts three games total in its series. The first game features a king, the second a queen, and the third famously features Game of Thrones characters instead of nameless rulers. The series’ mechanics are the same across all three games, save for some minor differences. Therefore, it’s no secret that the Reign series is one of the top offline games out there!

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You can download this Reigns following this → Link

3. Oxenfree

Oxenfree revolves around the idea of a group of ‘80s teenagers who pile onto a creepy island, making it a classic mystery trope. Upon playing it, individuals will realise that it is anything but an ordinary game. The game involves supernatural twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. Still, the characters are also a massive pull factor to one of the top offline games out there. Developer Night School Studio portrays the cast’s personality ultra-realistically making them feel like real people to any gamer. Oxenfree’s dialogue system still remains one of the best in any offline game because it lets you choose when to interrupt, when to stay silent, or when to select from available options. The game thus offers total control and the other characters always react believably, which is no mean feat.


You can get this game directly from the Playstore → Link

4. Orbia: Tap and Relax

Orbia: Tap and Relax challenges players to clear as many levels as they can in an animated, rare world. This game was voted as Google’s favourite free offline games for Android in 2018. The game also invites players to overcome moving obstacles on one condition: only a well-timed tap can lead gamers to their goal. Designed as a comfortable pick-up-and-play for all, Orbia helps individuals improve their cognitive skills in increasingly complex levels. As one of the best free offline android games, the game lets players collect bonuses and use them to their advantage. Players must chain together combos to maximise rewards. Orbia also boasts highly minimal, colourful, and high-end graphics, thus enabling a breathtakingly visual experience. Gamers also benefit from well-polished sounds and incredible soundtracks with hundreds of levels in different worlds. Every world features its own hero with their own unique style and skins, each with their own set of abilities! This game also allows gamers to compete with friends and family too!


Orbia: Tap and Relax can be downloaded directly from Playstore → Link

5. Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a Where’s Wally or Waldo style game, but on your smartphone. Making it even better than the original because every picture moves as you click, it’s unsurprisingly one of the best offline games for Android. The touchscreen abilities of smartphones give an extra layer of interaction for players. Everything which gets tapped will reward you with a loveable animation. In essence, bushes part their leaves, blinds unfold in windows and birds squawk in the skies. It is interesting to note that every sound is mouth-made. With sounds that are this good, it’s worth clicking on every object, and not just the ones you’re trying to find. This game is extremely user friendly and notifies users when they find hidden objects with a ‘ping’ notification sound. Players will get several notifications for finding hidden objects in each level, leaving you eager and ready to search for the next ones every time.


You can grab the Hidden Folks game from Playstore → Link

6. 80 Days

This mobile game masterpiece feels as relevant and vibrant today as it did when it came out some five years ago. 80 Days more than merely a resource management game. Each of the 150 cities players visits exudes character. These cities are brought to life by thrilling descriptions that give players a sense of place and history. Gamers can plot any route they want around the world, revealing new details, and sometimes venturing slightly of a path to wildly change what they can see. Players can also zigzag back and forth, not making any progress but soaking up the atmosphere. Every world event and city tell a different story, thus making 80 Days feel reactive and alive. Gamers won’t want to stop until they see everything it has to offer. Its progressive, anti-colonialist themes are a refreshing change, undeniably placing it as one of the top offline android games.


You can download the 80 Days directly using this → Link

7. Really Bad Chess

Forget about ever playing boring old chess ever again! For all the offline gamers that are also enthusiastic about chess than this game will definitely intrigue them. Really Bad Chess with challenge gamers to think differently. In this game, while the chessboard is an average board, every piece is entirely random. Players might start with three queens and a single pawn, while the AI computer could start with six rooks. This game forces players to completely discard all and every knowledge of chess. It instigates individuals to think out of the box. As players raise their ranking, the AI’s level stays the same, but it gets better pieces to start. This might be our favourite non-chess but still chess game ever. If you’re not a pro gamer but love to dabble in that extra bit of chess, then this is undoubtedly the best offline android game for you.


You can get this Really Bad Chess game from Playstore → Link

8. Asphalt Nitro

As opposed to the gigabytes its ancestor game needs, Asphalt Nitro takes only 110 MB of storage on smartphones, making it also compatible with older hardware. Asphalt Nitro is a stripped-down version of the famous and loveable Asphalt car racing series. Although graphics do suffer quite a bit due to the limited storage capacity of the game, it boasts solid gameplay. Players get into cars, compete and keep upgrading through 125 levels of increasing difficulty. While there are tons of good racing games, most need an internet connection. Asphalt Nitro perfectly fits the “free, offline, long game time” requirements. No wonder it remains one of the best free offline games for Android of all time.


You can download Asphalt Nitro directly from the Playstore → Link

Regardless of what you’re doing, gaming is spectacular and keeps users delighted. If you’re a fan of offline android games, or not, there are different kinds of games which suit all your needs. One thing is for sure, if you are an offline game fan, you must try the games we are recommending above. Also if you find some other good offline android games then do let us know, we’ll list them here.

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