There are countless apps in the Play Store and therefore, like a nomad, we don’t have any fixed destination. So, we like to traverse a big radius. During this time, we tend to get confused about which one to use. You will get baffled searching the top apps since there is an ample number of apps that can deviate your mind. So, we present you with a curated collection of best free Android apps if you are a dynamic kind of person with an android device and looking for something notable on your phone and if you are looking for games, you can check this out for best online android games to play with your friends.



Let’s walk you through with the best android apps ever that will motivate you and keep you busy. So, let’s delve into this.

Best free Android apps for 2020

1. ES File Explorer

This is one of the top free android apps for managing files and comes with all the important features which are not available in the inbuilt app. It comes with a Space Analyzer that helps in removing surplus files and gives more space on the device. There are several features that you can explore such as sharing media over, uninstalling apps, backing up the data, and many more. The unique “Root Explorer” feature unlocks various features if the device is rooted.


You can grab this from Play store using this → Link

2. Google Find My Device

This is one of the significant apps that help you to trace the thief in case of theft or loss of handset. The features are quite user-friendly and help you to reset the pin or the passcode as well. Apart from this, you have the option to erase all the previous data. It locks the lost device and brings out some soundtrack so that you can find your device in a jiffy.


To install this app you can follow this → Link

3. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

It is one of the best free android apps ever to secure your device from the attack of unwanted junk files and malware. This Kaspersky antivirus comes with a unique virus selection mechanism that safeguards your mobile phone from malware. And, it is built with anti-theft features as well. So, it instantly spots your location, removes data, and enhance the security of your advice during any online transaction. You can incorporate secret code in order to find out photos and private messages.


You can download this free Kaspersky antivirus using this → Link

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

It s one of those must have Android apps liked by the majority of the photography enthusiasts. This app is tailor-made for those who want to post pictures on a regular basis on social media. This photoshop express app is used to make different fashionable collages and easy to use as well. It comes with various filters and correction options as well as instant sharing functionality just after the edit. The notable features include crop, rotation, flip, straighten, etc.


You can install the adobe photoshop from Play store using this link or you can get the photoshop apk from here.

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5. Shazam

This is one of the best Android apps used by the majority of the music freaks which keeps you up-to-date with the latest music updates. You just have to hold the device close to the source of the song and the Shazam app will find out the song in a jiffy. You can easily be able to find the most played videos of YouTube along with the lyrics. This Shazam online app gives you detailed information about the song, artists, label, as well as the release date.


You can download the Shazam app from Play store using this → Link

6. Navigation Gestures

This is one of the rare applications which doesn’t require any wait for the next android update or search for a new Smartphone. It comes with various customizable options such as swipe right, left, down, top, hold, etc. You can use it in a variety of ways in order to manipulate your Smartphone. This application removes the age-old navigation bar buttons and introduces you with gesture controls. It is equipped with vibration, animation, and customizable sensitivity.


You can grab this app from the Play store using this → Link

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7. Bumble

With the Bumble app on your mobile, the creation of new connections is now a cakewalk for you. It makes things simpler. This is equipped with simplified dating apps so that you can choose the right people at your location. You can swipe through potential connections. The most fascinating part is that women have the option to indulge in the first move with men online. You can upload a picture of yourself so that people around you get a clear idea about your authenticity.


You can download the Bumble app using this → Link

8. Hulu

It occupies a major position in the top 10 must have android apps that give you the option to watch TV and stream the latest movies. Hulu is a more personalized form and you can choose with various options such as movies, web series, on various on-demand channels. You can also stream your favourite old shows and movies from the collection such as Fargo, Fear, South Park, and many more. The more you watch, you will get much more idea on how to track your favourite shows or movies using MYStuff for Android.


You can download the Hulu app from the Play store using this → Link

9. Google Translate

Google tra (short form for translator) has become a common name among the most Android users who are travelling on a frequent basis. Google Translator app occupies the top list which gives you the option to translate 103 languages through typing as well as offline. It is also equipped with an instant camera translation feature to translate into 38 languages. Also, you will find HD mode which can convert 39 languages. Scribbling will convert 93 languages.


You can download the Google translate app from Play store using this → Link

10. Swiftkey

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the best free android apps ever for typing which is used worldwide. This is one of the reliable apps as far as the keyboard is concerned since it is AI-enabled to find out the writing pattern of the user and will forecast what he/she is trying to type. Apart from this, it comes with gesture typing as well as an autocorrect feature for faster input. It is equipped with an inbuilt GIF search feature covering a plethora of themes and comes with an awesome keyboard for bilingual people. You will be surprised to find that this Swiftykey app doesn’t store any confidential information such as debit or credit card details.


You can download this Swiftkey app from Play store using this → Link

There are some other android apps that you can check like Gana, True caller, Zomato, Split Wise, Spotify, etc. which are also the notable best android apps.

This list of best android apps is designed covering the different features a smartphone user requires and you can have a look at the best offline android games though follow that. This write-up gives you the most researched content of which you can make good use of it for your smartphone. The list doesn’t end here since there are so many other apps as well but they are not to this hotlist. But we suggest you go out and venture into the world of apps to find anything new and noteworthy. So, if you have any suggestions or better useful apps, you can let us know through the comment section and if we find they are good, we’ll list them here.

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