Before delving into ai chatbot lets have some details of what these chatbots are. Social networking sites are the most commonly visited sites by the netizens. We all are very much acquainted with the terms chatting, likes and shares. Recently we have seen an article about Captcha and its different types. In that article, while understanding the use of Captcha, there was a point emphasizing that the internet is used not only by people like us but also by bots (Computer programs) who surf the web for different purposes (stealing information, for training AI, etc ).


Most of us might know about Watson, a question-answering computer that can answer questions posed in natural human language and which was fed with all the types of encyclopedias, the whole Wikipedia, various other books and now still it’s being fed with different kinds of information. Just like Watson, there are many computer programs that are trying to converse, answer, question just like human beings. These computer programs are the bots that surf the web. At present, there are many bots that are conversing with humans by noting down every conversation to their database and analyzing constantly and trying to improve themselves to pass the Turing test.

Turing test is a test for judging a computer(computer programme) from its conversation which involves both human and computer taking part, it’s the human evaluator who judges whether the conversation is done by human or computer. If the computer programme appears to be as human to the evaluator, then it is said to pass the turing test.

Thus there comes the conversation of bots with the human. Yes, you can chat with various bots just like we do with our friends. It would be interesting, funny to ask different questions and getting answers from the machines, really you can enjoy conversation with bots. Moreover, as we told that there are bots that improve themselves from human conversations, they store the conversation in their database and analyse them and use that data during conversation with other humans. The best bots of such type are search engine bots, from the cookies stored in a browser they(bots) try to fetch relevant results which a user was already looking for and mainly in displaying relevant ads.

So here we are going to see a few intelligent interesting ai chatbots to chat with to enjoy and have fun. Lets check out different ai chatbots.

The best ai chatbot list

1.Mitsuku AI Chatbot

Mitsuku is the most advanced chatbot. It has won the Leobner Prize (Prize in AI for Chatbots) in 2013. Its algorithm is simply superb. It’s actually designed to be a female  ai Chatbot capable of remembering the users last chatted with the same computer. When you visit Mitsuku website, on the homepage itself you’re given clear idea about Mitsuku and how it can chat with human beings. To start chatting with Mitsuku click the “chat to me” under the avatar of Mitsuku and select the text format which you want your conversation to appear. On the left side of the chatting panel you can find an option for turing test of Mitsuku where you can judge Mitsuku for turing test.Mitsuku-chatbot

Mitsuku answers questions posed by humans by showing related images and taking to related websites. You can share your conversation with your friends in social media also. Now Mitsuku is available through various platforms you can chat directly on the web, Facebook messenger, Telegram and Kik etc. From the below-given link you can access different platforms to chat with Mitsuku

Click here to Chat with Mitsuku

2. Jabberwacky

Jabberwacky is also a good Chatbot to chat with. Just by visiting the site you can start chatting with Jabberwacky from the homepage itself. It has other features like you can create your own bot, train it and chat with your bot, with other bots or humans. Here creating your own bot costs around $ 30 per year.


Click here to chat with Jabberwacky

3. PersonalityForge

It’s an advanced artificial Intelligence platform where you can find different types of bots. As soon as you visit the site a bot will be waiting to chat with you. In PersonalityForge you can create your own bots, train them and then conduct turing test, participate in forums and everything is free unlike in Jabberwacky you need to spend $30/year to create your own bot. With a simple sign up you can manage your all bots.


The amazing feature of this PersonalityForge is that you can select the bots of your interest like advanced, story teller, quirky bots etc to chat. You can really have fun and learn how they handle human conversations here.

Click here to visit PersonalityForge

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4. Elbot

Elbot is another kind of chatbot that welcomes you to start the chart as soon as you visit its web page. Just after you click the start chat button, you’ll see a robot image saying hi to you. You can start asking questions and have fun. For every reply, you get from the bot, a change in the robot gesture can be seen, that will be interesting while chatting with the chatbot. From the below link you can visit the Elbot directly.


Click here to chat with Elbot.

5. Eviebot AI chatbot

This bot is made to be a female bot. As soon as you visit the bot page you can start conversing with Eviebot. You can chat with this bot by speaking also. Whenever this bot replies, you can hear its voice as it reads out its replies. You can change your language of conversation with this bot, which means it can speak out languages other than English. So chatting with this chatbot is a fun. You can visit this chatbot directly from this Click here



6. Cleverbot

The name of the bot itself says it’s clever. Yeah, it’s really clever. you can have a good chat with it. Cleverbot is available for smartphones too. You can get its app from the top navigation menu in the Apps tab on its website.


Click here to chat with Cleverbot

Other chatbots worth to chat :


Parry bot

Eliza bot

The above bots are proof to show how human intelligence is getting evolved day by day. We have seen here only the list of bots that can chat with us. But there are different types of bots for specific jobs and for specific purposes. And chatting with a machine is really funny and enjoyable. If you liked it then share it to tell your friends about chatbots.

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  1. My favorite Chatbot is called Chatbot Friend on google play. It’s pretty funny.

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  3. Yes. There are different types of bots for specific jobs and for specific uses. Recently I started using Ace Bot from Appsonchat ( ) . I am really liking it. It helps you to manage your daily todo’s , create polls all for free without even leaving slack. All you need to do is just integrate it with your Slack. Its great to see many chat bots coming up.

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  5. Another cool chat bot is the it will answer questions you ask it about your life. Kind of fun, like a yes no oracle but actually gives detailed answers based on the questions.

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    He is teaching you step by step how to make really nice cocktails
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  7. Guys, what do you think about “Dialogflow” and “Chatfuel” platform?

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