In this Internet world everyone knows how vital an email is . Most of the accounts in the websites need your email address at the time of registration for contacting you or confirming your identity. But now a days most of our Inboxes are filled with thousands of crap emails.

The reason is simple when wandering in the web you visit lot of sites , there when you encounter stuff which you wanted , then you enter email address for downloading or viewing that stuff. Unfortunately you sometimes come to know that there is no stuff useful to you. Then what ,you close the tab and move on for next . And this act continues for many times.Disposal-email-to-protect-from-spammers

On the other hand your inbox will get filled with all those registered as well as their promotion emails leading to a big dust bin. As a result you loose your ineterest for looking at your Email Inbox.

So to get rid of all this type of spamming activities we have some sites providing disposal Emails. In this article we will learn how to protect our inbox without getting spammed with the tactful usage of disposal emails.

Disposal Email Addresses

What are disposal emails ? This might probably be your first question if you would have not thought of solving the above problem. The name itself indicates what it does . “Disposal” which can get rid of . Yes the email which can be used as a “use and through ” manner. These emails helps us solving our temporary online registrations , downloading , unlocking content , for submitting surveys etc. And these are very useful when you think that a website has spamming activity.

Types of Disposal Emails

1. Need nothing just use any username with their domain name
2. You will be assigned random email address
3.Needs to be registered with a valid email and they forward those emails received on disposal address to your email.
4.And some will provide both custom and random assigned disposal addresses.

And all the above types are time limited since they are temporary emails used to get rid of spam mails to your inbox.

How to protect Inbox from Spam mails ?

First let me tell you an incident which I faced when downloading an ebook. Once upon a time I was scouring the whole web to find an ebook which was very important to me , I found one site having that which need a registered member to download. Soon I registered and tried to download but there was nothing to download ,and It was a spam site which sends all spamming mails to the registered users and fools everyone by putting the names of famous books which generally not available on web. So if I have used a disposal email in that case then my inbox would not have become a dust bin. Not only this there are many spamming sites like this ,for instance a more general one is often we see password protected files when downloaded, to get a key for that we visit the mentioned site ,there it asks us to complete an offer , among offers one definitely is a registering task where you need to register with an email. In that case you can use one of the disposal emails to get your work done. Also these emails help you to hide your original email address (Type-3)

Different types disposal Emails and their usage

Type 1

In this type of temporary emails you need nothing just assume any username with their domain and just use it . To see the received mails , you need to visit their site, type in the temporary email which you assumed . If you receive any emails then you can find them there after some time the temporary mail gets disposed based on the Disposal time of the mail. Let’s see one of this type.


To use this service just assume any user name with their domain say ”” now this is your temporary email you can use it at the site where you suspect spamming. If you receive any mails to it, can see by visiting their site and that gets disposed after 24 hours also it blocks spam mails.


Other site of this type: Mailinator

Type 2

In this type you will be given a random disposal address . Few sites will allow you to set disposal time and extend also. Received mails can be seen by visiting their site . One of this type is ThrowAwayMail


Just use the given random temporary email if you don’t like one click “Generate new” and use it, when you receive mail you’ll be notified.ThrowAway-disposal-email

Other sites of this type :

Type 3

In this type you need to register with your real email and then you will be given a random temporary email. You can use that random mail in the sites you want. And all the emails received to that temporary email are forwarded to your real email address so that your email can be hidden from spammers in long run. The random mail gets disposed after a specified time. “MeltMail” is one of this types.

Melt Mail

Here first choose the disposal time of your temporary email. Then enter your email and a random mail is assigned to you ,use it and all the mails received within the disposed time are forwarded to your real email .


Other sites of this type:

Type 4

This type is similar to type2 . But the only difference here is you can choose your username or use a random generated temporary email . One of this type is TempMail


In the homepage you find one random email or go to “change” from sidebar shown, choose your username along with the list of domains given , that’s it when you receive mail to the temporary email you’ll be notified.


Other sites of this type:

Also Check :

Where disposal Emails should not be used:

  • When registering in trustful sites
  • Sites from where you receive username , password , other info
  • In online money transactions like paypal etc
  • In Social networks like FB , twitter

However almost all trusted sites will block these disposal emails where you need to mention your Real identity. So never use these disposal emails in highly trusted sites.

And this article is wholly meant for protecting and keeping your inbox clean & neat from Spam mails and this idea should not be taken as a chance for spamming other sites .

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  1. Services like MeltMail are awesome, purely because you don’t have to deal with a separate inbox. I’ve also found that the inboxes on these temp emails can be really slow and buggy, which makes it even nicer to not have to deal with them.

    That being said, each of these types of services has its uses, so I can’t really say one is better than the others 🙂

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