After a month hiatus Techs Text is here back with the latest, cool, amazing Computer-internet tricks and tips. Using few small tips and tricks one can use the computer and the web with ease, efficiently saving couple of minutes as well. As there were many simple one line, useful hacks we thought of putting all together in one article so that they can be gone through in one stretch.


These hacks really gonna let you know many hidden tweaks and we assure you find them useful. For clear explanation of the hacks necessary links are enclosed you can visit them to know more about them or related. Let’s get started…

List of latest Computer-Internet tricks and tips

Make a file inaccessible
To make any of the file on your PC inaccessible just change the extension of the file to your desired. To make a notepad file inaccessible just change “.txt” to any extension say “.tt” that’s it only you can know the actual format of the file. Anybody can see that file on your Desktop but cannot do anything unless they knew the original file format.

Defragmentation of files
Sometimes you notice your C drive data size increasing gradually without any increase in storage. So to solve such problem just Defragment(nothing but optimizing,combining the fragments) your C drive or any other drive which you would like to. To do that search in settings for “Defragment and optimize your drives” open it and select the drive you want and click optimize and wait for sometime to get finished.


Display the cursor position
Sometimes your cursor color matches with the document or file’s color or sometimes your PC gets hanged so that you cannot identify your cursor. In order t overcome that you can use a small tweak to know where the cursor is. Go to mouse cursor settings: right click on Desktop > Personalization > in the sidebar click on “Change mouse pointers“. Select “Pointer Options” tab and check “Show location of pointer when I press CTRL key” then apply and click OK. So whenever you press Ctrl Key the cursor is highlighted to show the position.


Access incomplete downloaded IDM files
Generally you cannot directly access the incompletely downloaded files from the IDM. But we can access them by going to the app data. Just press “Win+R” and type app data and click enter.
Go to Roaming>IDM>DwnlData>select user> Open the incompletely downloaded file. That’s it.

Type any ASCII Character
ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the list of standard codes for all the letters, numbers and symbols. To type any ASCII character just hold left Alt key and type the ASCII code.

Move cursor using Keys
Sometimes your mouse or the mouse pad may not work, so at that time you can use keys to move or select files on your computer. To do that go to Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center>Make the mouse easier to use>then turn on mouse keys and click set up Mouse keys to adjust your preference and click apply,OK. That’s it next you can use your NumPad keys for moving the cursor on your screen by turning ON/OFF the Numpad (according to your preference).

Check the properties of a file easily
To check the properties of a file instead of right-clicking the file and selecting properties you can enable property check icon in the tool bar. So just after selecting the file and clicking the icon you can see the properties of that file very easily.

Frame by frame of a movie using VLC
Right click on the video in VLC and select View and check Advanced controls then you can find some new tools above navigation tools. Using those you can capture image or record video and can check the movie frame by frame.
VLC- video-frame-by-frame-Capture-record

Crop images to shape using PowerPoint
PowerPoint is one of the good sources for editing images. To crop any image to shape first insert the image in the slide and go to Format and from crop select shape and select the desired shape. That’s it your image gets cropped in the desired shape. To save it right click the image and select Save as image.


Here is a very vivid article that explains all the tactics for editing images in Powerpoint

Add your desired album art (image) to the song
Songs that are recorded or converted to mp3 from video will not have any album art. We can easily add our desired album art to any song using Windows Media player. First copy any image by Ctrl+C and then open the song which you want in the windows media player library but do not play it. Next right-click on the album art then you can see paste album art option click it and your album art gets update with your desired copied image.


Removing the Password of a PDF file
To remove password of a PDF file a special software is needed in general but using chrome browser that can be done very easily. First open the encrypted PDF file in Chrome and unlock it with password first and then just save it as a new PDF file.

Easy way to Create Gif of a video
There are free sites available which can convert any video to Gif. But Gif quality may not be that good always. And the simple and easy way is to capture(record) gif of the video which can be done by using Screen to Gif application using which also you can add or remove frames, add texts etc.

Click here to download Screen to Gif

Here is a complete article about Gif images and its creation

Recording PC Screen using PowerPoint
You can record your computer screen without any external software in HD format just using powerpoint. To do that Open PowerPoint > Click Insert On top menu bar >Screen Recording. Then you’ll be shown to select area for recording. Just record and save.


Here is complete article to record Computer screen using Powerpoint

Get Offline Games for Chrome browser
Just like dinosaur game in chrome browser you can have many different amazing offline games. To get those visit chrome store and choose Games and check “Runs Offline” under feature. Then you’ll be presented with lots of offline games that can be played in chrome browser when you’re offline.

Here are few amazing Offline game for Chrome

Take Scrolling screenshots of web pages with simple extension
Capturing, recording of images is very simple using Nimbus chrome extension. Using this you can Capture even the scrolling web pages of any size very easily.
Get Nimbus from chrome store 

Here is step by procedure for Capturing, recording images on your computer

Create hotspot of your shared wi-fi in your PC
You can easily create the hotspot of the wifi which your PC is connected using 160 WiFi Application. This will allow you to create hotspot and share your computer internet wired or wireless to any other device very easily.


Use Android as Mouse, Keyboard, Projector, Wireless cable etc.
Android has become a universal interfacing device. There are a number of android apps available which are capable of solving many problems. Monect is One which can make your android work as mouse, keyboard, joystick, projector, Wireless data cable etc. Download the Monect app in you android or iOS phone and then install the remote server in your PC and through Bluetooth or wi-fi you can control your computer with ease wirelessly.

If you need more clear explanation to use android as PC controller visit here.

Chatting with bots
There are many online chatbots available for chatting on the web. Chatting with bots would be interesting, few bots would be even rude also. Also you can have Turing tests of those bots. Among all Mitsuku a female bot is a very good bot to chat which is capable of giving answers with web pages link also.


Here is list of all best chatbots on the web

Editing background of a image using PowerPoint
When background of a image is plane then it can easily be changed or removed using PowerPoint. Insert the image on the slide whose background you want to remove then go to FORMAT tab > Remove Background option and using the available tools you can select the borders of the image (if it’s a plane image then everything would be simple). 


List of all image editing features of PowerPoint is here

Virtual Desktops for Windows 8 &7
Windows 10 has come with a new feature called Virtual desktops which allow us to have multiple desktops at a time to simplify our workspace. And in windows 8&7 no such feature. But there are applications which can perform better than windows 10 virtual desktops. Using DeskSpace that feature can be achieved and it’s the best virtual desktop manager for any PC which has lots of features in it.


Deskspace virtual desktop manager all details here.

NotePad in chrome browser
If you want to note down something quickly while browsing you have to open a notepad or any text editor. But using simple code you can create free space on your browser to be used it as notepad. Paste the below code in your address bar and start using notepad in your browser. You can bookmark it for later quick usage.


Save any note with one click
Instead of noting down texts separately now you can just select the text whichever you want and by one click you can save it. By using Noteboard chrome extension this is possible. After adding Noteboard extension to your Chrome browser whenever you select any text on your browser and right clicking on it shows Noteboard option just selecting board will save your notes. You can have note board account to save it to cloud also.


Here is a list of few amazing chrome extension highly useful to all

Convert selected text to Voice on your chrome
Using “Convert text to speech” chrome extension you can listen to the selected word pronunciation. You can easily listen the text instead of reading it using this extension. This is very useful for proof reading of texts on the web. 


Save all your bookmarks, extensions of Chrome
Bookmarking is the best way of making a note of your favourite websites and also we have seen different chrome extensions which are very useful to the chrome users. So sometimes you might uninstall your chrome browser and in that case you may lose all your important bookmarks and extensions. To prevent that login into your chrome browser and sync all your bookmarks and extensions. So whenever you want your bookmarks by just logging in chrome you can get back. 


Easy way to access blocked websites
Sometimes your internet provider may block few websites from accessing. You can overcome that by using any proxy service. Sometimes even proxy websites also gets blocked. In that case install Psiphon a free fast proxy service provider to your PC or mobile to access blocked site. 


Open PC folders with one click
To open any folder on your computer you have to double click and its the default setting. But with one click also you can open your folders by adjusting the folder settings. Go to view on top menu bar in your computer and select options which opens the folder settings. Under click items as follows select the “single-click to open an item” radio button, apply and save changes. That’s simple now with one click you can open the folders. 


Change folder Icon
We all are very much acquainted with the traditional folder icon. But we can have our desired folder icons to our important folders so as to highlight them for easy accessing. Select any folder which you want and open its properties. Go to Customize tab and under Folder icons click Change Icon then choose your favourite icon, apply Ok.


Get Gadgets in Windows 8
In windows 7 when you right click on desktop you’ll find Gadgets option but that is not present in Windows 8. So to get gadgets you need to install windows gadgets a small programme. Click here to download Windows 8 gadgets pack.

Simple Ready made photo designer
Everyone ofus may not know how to use Photo editing softwares like Photoshop. And for amateurs who want to put frames or change backgrounds of images can be easily done by a simple application called Photoshine. This photoshine application has all ready made templates to design photos you just have to insert your image in the editor and select template and save it. That’s pretty simple.


Colour Picker
Colour pic is a free useful tool to get the hex code for any colour on your computer. You can beautifully manage any colour properties using this simple awesome tool. Click here to download Colour Pic.


Measure the pixels of anything on the web page
Page ruler is a very simple extension available for chrome which lets you measure the size of images, pages or anything on the web. Using this web designers can adjust the pixels of the header, sidebar and other stuff of web templates. Click here to add Page ruler to chrome browser.


Hide any drive on your Computer
Sometimes you might have your personal drive on your PC which you would not like your friends to see. The simple thing to do is you can hide it. Go to disk management. Right click on My Computer >manage>Disk management and select the drive and right click and Choose Change drive letter and path and then click on remove letter, click OK. Your drive gets hidden and if you want to unhide choose the drive letter again.


Programmers calculator
Windows default calculator seems to be very simple but it has many features in it. It has Programmers Calculator with all number system conversions, boolean operations and displays bits of desired word length. Besides these it has statistical, date, financial calculators too. You can have most of it to solve your problems.


Remove Shortcut virus using Cmd
Cmd in windows is a very useful tool for tweaking your computer. Using this you can remove shortcut virus from flash drives or memory cards with simple commands.
First select the drive (external or internal) which has shortcut virus in it and then press shift and right click on it. From the drop down list select “open command windows here“. Next enter the below command
>>attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d f:*.* and enter. Here f should be replaced by drive letter.
After execution of command type >>del *.lnk to remove the shortcut virus.


CMD commands for network configuration
>>ipconfig /all
To check all the details of your network adapters, IP, DNS, Mac and other related stuff.
>>ping (ip address)
To ping(call) the available ip address and check if it is working or not.

Check other useful network configuration commands here

Make your Windows look like Mac
You can transform your windows look to Mac using themes and skins very easily without affecting your actual OS(Operating System). Not only Mac, you can create Chrome, Ubuntu environment also using skins and themes.
Click here to get OS skins
Click here to get OS themes


More about OS themes and skins and there difference here.

Design your PC with Rainmeter
Rainmeter is a simple application which allows you to adorn your computer with beautiful widgets. Using this you can transform your computer to look like in Iron Man movie (Jarvis).
Click here to download Rainmeter.


More about Rainmeter here

Convert your website to an app
If you’ve a blog or website then you can make the android app of it within five minutes at appsgeyser for free. Also you can create any other android application for free at appsgeysers and can share with others and even monetize also.


Download Torrent files easily using IDM
Generally it takes lot of time to download torrent files with low internet connection. But if your file is under 1Gb then you can download it faster using IDM for free. Visit Zbigz site and paste your torrent file url and click GO. Then choose Free and wait until the file gets cached. After finishing that click zip and then Free to download. That’s it. If you want to download files higher than 1 Gb you’ve to go for premium version. 

Create your Own handwritten font
To create your own handwriting font go to and download the template in PDF format and get a print of it. Fill all the letters with your handwriting and upload it. Get .ttf of the uploaded file and install it in your PC. 

For other ways of creating handwritten font visit here.

Stop auto playing of Videos In Facebook
To stop auto-playing of videos go to settings >>videos and turn off auto-play videos option.


Create your Own shortcuts to files in PC
Let’s say note pad is the most frequently used application by you. Then just right click on it and go to properties under shortcut tab enter your short cut key, apply, ok. That’s it. whenever you want to open notepad you can use your shortcut. 


Facebook after your demise
Facebook has got a new feature to manage one’s facebook account after their demise. One can choose the nominee and other facebook activities that go on after their doom at settings>>Security>>Legacy Contact


Facebook as search engine
Facebook is a very good search engine to find people when their mobile number is known. Even though when people put their mobile number as private, they will appear in the search if their number is registered. People’s search is an amazing feature of facebook. 

Geographical facebook notification icon
Facebook notification icon changes according to your geographical notation. This feature is used by me to check whether proxy service is ON or not in my computer. If it’s ON then the icon displays the other geographical notation. Pretty cool right.


Importance of hashtags in facebook, twitter and other social networks
Generally people think that hashtag usage will highlight the text and shows as block of letters. And that is not the primary use of hashtag. The hashtags are mainly useful to tell the search engine bots to crawl them so that they can be indexed faster in the search results. That’s why we talk about trending of topics based on hashtags. So making the best use of hashtags will yield good search engine results for webmasters. 


Google ads for benefits
People generally install ad blockers in their browser to surf the web with ease. But one point to be noted that you should exempt that ad blocking for google search engine page because firstly that those ads will not disturb you in any way and secondly you get some good offers as ads in search engine results page(SERP) which one can trust(if offered by a trustful site) and accept them to get the offers without worrying about searching for coupon codes. I’m one of those who really got benefitted by this technique.


Manage all google products at one place
Google has so many services that we sometimes forget what all we’re using among them. So to make it manage clearly all google services go to There you can find all the list of services like Gmail, google plus, photo, play store, docs, games, contacts, calendar, at one place and that would be a very simple to manage all those.


Check your google history
Every one of us know that google will be monitoring our online activities and will keep a record of those whenever we use Google by logging in our your Gmail account. By just visiting this URL you can manage all your google search engine history.

Give colourful look to your Chrome browser
You can change the look of the default ash coloured chrome browser to a more compelling design by installing themes to your browser from Chrome store. Click here to visit chrome store themes.

Access web pages offline
You can access the cached websites offline whenever you’re not connected to internet. You can enable this feature by visiting flags section of chrome at chrome://flags and under Enable Show saved copy button select Enable:primary. Also you can see various other chrome settings at flags to tinker your Chrome browser.


Browser that can compete with Chrome
Vivaldi is a new browser in beta version released a year back which is quite faster, smoother and featured and has the capability to beat even chrome. As it’s functioning in beta version we might not find all features but soon will be updated. You can download the Vivaldi browser and have a look at it’s interface and other functions.


Check WhatsApp last seen of any contact
Generally you cannot see the last seen of a person when he/she blocks you or hides their last seen on WhatsApp. So to overcome this problem as well as to get notified when someone comes to online in WhatsApp, there’s an app that can give you the information of their online activity on WhatsApp. For android: WhatsDog and for iOS: ZealSpy helps you to see the last seen and the amount of time they remain online.
Get What dog from here
Get ZealSpy from here  


Check whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
When you think that someone has blocked you o Whatsapp then just go their whatsapp account and choose the option pay to Contact name. If you’re blocked you receive a notification that the person cannot receive you. If you’re not blocked then no notification is shown to you. 


Customize the text appearance of your browser
You can make the web pages to appear in the font style which you want in your chrome browser. To do that go to Settings > advanced settings> Under Web Content you can find Customize fonts, clicking that takes you to choose your favourite font styles. You can check your preference set by visiting the Wikipedia because it uses standard fonts, so your preferred font styles appear there. 

Best infographics image viewer
Generally infographic images will be of very height so to read them completely we have to use our mouse to scroll or move the image. But using Fast stone image viewer long image can be viewed easily by using arrow keys and that would very easy to read very long image posts like PDF documents. Also using Fast stone image viewer you can edit images. 

Display more than 10 results in Google Search Engine Results Page
By default google displays only top 10 results per page but this preference can be changed by clicking settings at the bottom right corner of google home page and settingssearch settings. There you can set the Results per page as 20,30,.etc. Also you can customize other google search setting there. 

Visiting without country redirect
Generally when you type in the address bar you’ll be redirected to the country specific domain lets say for India it’s So to avoid that enter the address as  NCR– mean no country redirect

Browse the web totally anonymously
Using Tor (The Onion Router) browser and its other products one can surf the web anonymously absolutely. 

Minimize all windows by mouse hovering
You can minimize all the windows of your computer by just hovering the mouse at the extreme bottom right corner. If it’s not enabled then right click on taskbar go to properties and check Use Peek to preview option, then apply,OK. That’s it. 

Efficient shortcuts windows 8
Shortcut Operation
Win + D Minimize all windows ( pressing the same will undo)
Win + X Win + X Pops up useful list of controls
Ctrl+Shift+ Esc Opens Task manager
Win + I Opens windows sidebar(charm bar)
Win + E Opens file explorer
Alt+Enter Opens Properties of file
Ctrl+Shift+ N CreatesNew folder ( New Incognito in Chrome browser)

Easyway to open a link in new tab in Chrome
Generally when we want to get the desired information through google, we will be visiting different links and checking out the articles. So at that time we select open link in new tab by right clicking. In order to avoid right click always just by holding “Ctrl” key and clicking the link will open in a new tab. Or if we want every search engine result to be opened in a new tab then go to >> Settings (on google homepage at the right bottem corner)>>Search setting >>Where results open (Check the box and Save).


Facebook password specialty

There is one specialty in Facebook’s password feature. Any Facebook user can enter his password by interchanging the upper and lower case letters. For example, if the password is MyPassword99 then by entering mYpASSWORD99 also Facebook can be accessed.

Gmail user name speciality

In gmail ID(user name) there is no difference if “.”(dot) is used in between letters. Example, is same as, is also same, all represents the same user name. So dots does not matter for logging in gmail account. Just try it and see this Gmail’s feature.

Gmail- dots-does-not-matter

How to know whether Email is read or not?

From the feature which WhatsApp Inc., has got we all are very curious whether the receiver has read the message or not just by observing the blue tick marks. Just think if there could be blue tick marks even for emails then how easy things become. Yes you can have the same blue tick marks even for emails also. This is an external feature which can be accessed using a simple chrome extension. Visit this link to get Mail track extension from chrome store, just install it and follow the procedure. So whenever you send an email you’ll be notified by tick marks with time indicating email was read or not. That’s so simple have a try.


Access any character in you computer

Generally we cannot access all different types of characters directly from the keyboard. So to access any type of character ASCII or Unicode or any standard characters just open Character Map in your PC (search in the applications you’ll get). In the Character Map window just click the character you want and copy it. That’s it you can paste that character wherever you want.


How to create Desktop background themes of your photos

Instead of installing the themes, you can create your own desktop background themes using your favourite photos.
To do that just select all the images which you want to create theme.
After selecting right click and select Set as desktop background. Now go to your desktop and right click to see the Next desktop background option. By going to Personalization you can save your theme with your name. After saving the theme right clicking on it gives an option to share it, save as . deskthemepack which you can share with your friends or put it in the web for others. So that’s very simple right creating your own desktop themes.



So this is a huge list of latest amazing computer and internet tricks and tips. And this list will be updated every month with latest tweaks and hacks to keep you updated. Hope you enjoyed the article. Share it and let your friends also know these tips and tricks.

If you have any doubts/suggestions we would like to hear through comments, feel free to ask.doubts/ suggestions we would like to hear through comments, feel free to ask.

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