Generally we may be familiar with one or two operating systems. It’s more general that most of us are acquainted with WINDOWS OS which is the most used PC OS in the world. But most of us may have a desire or a thought to use other operating systems like Mac, chrome, Linux etc.  So here are the simple methods to make your windows look like MAC.

Methods to use Other Operating System (OS) on the same PC

  1. By Installing the OS directly (Dual boot) in the PC by allocating some memory to it.
  2. Using other OS through external devices like booting through a flash drive.
  3. Using Virtual Box.
  4. By installing Skins of the OS.
  5. By Using Themes of the other OS.

Now in this article you’re going to see the last two methods. Because we want our PC to look like other Operating System only without modifying any system files.

First and seconds methods are directly installing the OS on the PC and using it just like the OS we have.

When it comes to the third, Virtual Box, it’s an environment where we install any type of OS without modifying our system files virtually in a limited environment. Where it  can be allocated some memory and can be used like a Windows Software whenever we want and quitting it after use.  It’s mainly used to know the functionality or get acquainted with the other OS’s.

How to Make Windows look like Other Operating System (OS) ?

Using OS Themes to make windows look like MAC:

Now here we are going to see  the fifth method first later the fourth. This method is to make your PC look like other Operating System.

This method helps to change your desktop to give the appearance of other OS. This is the simplest method to change the look of your PC.For this you just need to install Theme of the OS which you want. That’s enough your PC look changes like the OS which you wanted.

Also there are a variety of Themes available not only of Specific OS but with different designs and look. You can use  them well to design your PC.

To download Themes Click here.

A sample Screen after installing ADL Blue Dark theme looks like



In the same you can also install  IOS 8 theme . You can get here.

After installing the Theme, the taskbar look changes, cursor’s style too changes, My Computer view also changes.

The best use of this method is that when you install themes nothing is going to be modified in our PC, just the look changes. And if you want to get back to your original screen just go to Personalize (in Windows) byright-clickingg on the desktop and there you find themes just choose the theme other than the one you installed externally.

I suggest this method to be used to enjoy other OS’s look because using this method there won’t be any problem during installing or after installing themes as nothing is going to be modified in your PC.

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Using OS Skins to make Windows look like MAC:

In this method you can change the look of your PC as other OS with much grip than using Themes. In this mostly all the system files, folders changes their look to give more reality of the OS. The most important point is that it’s going to modify the system files. If something goes wrong, or if you don’t like some skin and installing one or more skins may create a problem with which you need to restore your PC again to get back your original Screen.

I used to install skins one by one to check which one gives good look to my Windows 8 Computer, but suddenly what happened was when I uninstalled skins, my PC OS started showing me as Windows XP. Then I refreshed (Restored) my PC to get back all. So sometimes you get such problems. But Skins give a real look of the OS.

So generally you won’t be facing problems with Skins but be careful while installing and uninstalling.

If you just wanted a look of other OS  it’s better to try Themes which can be toggled easily. But if you want something more go for Skins not a problem.

Sample screen of Jarvis skin is shown below.


To download Skins Click here.

In the same way you can Install mac themes also. To install Mac OS X EI Captain Skin pack click here

In skins you find lots of varieties. Recently Windows 10 skin has also released which looks same as Windows 10 in most of the features.

You can Download Windows 10 skin here.

So this is how we can make our Windows computer look like mac or chrome or like any other OS.

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment – a proper solution is provided.

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