Hello folks! This time we’re here with some interesting MS Powerpoint tricks and tips to edit images. Generally PowerPoint is meant for creating presentations in the form of slides. But if you observe the features of PowerPoint from its beginning to the present day, it has undergone tremendous changes. Now it’s not only used for designing slides, but can perform many activities that deal with images and videos. All I can say is it’s like a multipurpose tool which has got amazing features to edit images.

Normally when we think of Image editing the only thing comes to our mind is Photoshop the giant photo editor which is the best editing tool available to us. Using Photoshop one can have wonderful image effects. But everyone of us may not know how to use it since it need to be learned which takes some time. Don’t worry ! We have a simple trick to edit or create images professionally without any Photoshop but with the PowerPoint.

Yes! You can use Microsoft Office PowerPoint to design your images beautifully. How ? Here we are going to see the tactful usage of the PowerPoint tools to modify images, indeed which are made to design slides. Lets explore those tools to edit and design our images beautifully. Note: MS-PowerPoint 13 is used through out this article.

Amazing MS PowerPoint tricks and tips to Edit images

1. Designing the borders of the image

There are around 25+ ready-made border effects in Microsoft Office PowerPoint which are quite professional. Before going to explore these border effects, first open your MS-PowerPoint 13 and then choose a blank slide. Next delete those text boxes “click to add title and subtitle” just by selecting them( Press “Ctrl+A” and delete).

Next import the image which you want to design by dragging it directly on your slide or by pressing ‘Ctrl+O’, browse and select the drive >folder>image.


And now your image is ready for adding border effects. When you click the image, you’ll find FORMAT tab selected in the main menu if not, select it manually. Under the ribbon ( below main menu), you’ll find Picture Styles in a row, when you click inverted triangle icon, you can find all the border styles. Select the one which you like. That’s how you can add ready made border effects to your image.


And when you want to save your border designed image just right click the image and choose “Save as picture” and save it to your drive. Go to your saved picture and see how well it’s designed. Easy right!

2. Picture effects

Picture effects include lots of effects which are ready-made and customizable. Using these you can manipulate your image brilliantly.

Picture effects include

1. Presets  2. Shadow effects  3. Reflection  4. Glow  5. Soft edge  6. Be-level  7. 3D Rotation


You can access all these effects from below the ribbon in the format menu just like you’ve done in designing your borders. Exactly below FORMAT tab, you can see Picture effects, on clicking that you can find all the ready made picture effects.

In presets ready made border and rotation effects are available. In shadow effects different varieties of inner , outer, perspective shadow effects are found, you can easily add them to your image. Reflection, Glow, Soft Edge, Belevel all these effects also you can easily apply by just selecting or hovering your mouse on the effect’s icon. And 3D rotation is a quite interesting effect, which you can apply to your images with one click. Generally adding 3D effects to images is not that easy with normal image editors but in PowerPoint you can have amazing 3D customized effects. We’ll see adding custom effects at the end of this article.

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3. MS Powerpoint tricks to remove background

The Most famous image effect is changing the background of the image. To do that we need to remove the background of the image or crop the image and put it on the new background. Generally this effect can be perfectly achieved in Photoshop. But in the powerpoint with some more effort one can achieve this. If the image has plain coloured background then it would be bit easier to remove the background.

Change-background-using-Powerpoint To remove background click “Remove Background” option at the extreme left in FORMAT menu. PowerPoint automatically predicts the background of the image, but if it’s not exactly selected, you can manually select or deselect the areas using the area marker tools. After completion of selection click “Keep changes ” from the Format menu. It often needs some patience to select the exact background if the image background is not in a plane colour. However it’s great that powerpoint is offering such a good feature. Below is the sample image whose background is changed using PowerPoint. This is really one of the best MS PowerPoint tricks.


4. Corrections

This is a brightness/contrast and softness/sharpness adjust tool. It’s very good enough to adjust the lighting of the images. To use this effect click the “Corrections” option at extreme left after “remove background” tool. You will find there the necessary ready made light effects to design your image neatly.


5. Artistic and Colour effects

These are also the very helpful tools for editing your images. You can find these tools at extreme left beside “Corrections” tool. Using “Colour” effects you can change your image to any colour. Also you can select your own custom colour to have that colour effect.


Artistic effects enables you to add pencil, oil, negative, solarize etc effects to your images. The vital thing is that you can add them with one click yet they give professional look to your images. Also you can take help of other effect tools to further manipulate your image.


6. Crop Images to Shape

This is a very good feature which Powerpoint avails for editing photos. Basically cropping image to any standard shape say heart, star is not that easy. But using Powerpoint it becomes so simple. And PowerPoint has a very good collection of ready-made shapes. To crop an image to a shape, click the “crop(inverted triangle)” option in FORMAT menu at extreme right. On clicking “Crop” you’ll find “crop to shape” option in the list , when you hover your mouse on it, a list of ready-made shapes are shown to you, select the one which you want. That’s it your image gets cropped in that shape. That’s so easy!


7. Picture Layout

Picture layout is another great feature which PowerPoint offers, which we make use of it to design images beautifully. Let’s say you have 5 to 10 images of you which you want to make them into one like a Collage. Using Picture layout which you can find below “Picture Effects” in Format menu, you can combine all of your images into a beautiful shape with a caption to all the images. The simple way to use this feature is to drag around ten images into powerpoint and select all (Ctrl+A) and go to Picture layout option and select different designs then you can get a clear idea of it. Also the designed images can be dragged out of the layout and can be saved as a separate one also. Try it once to understand it well.


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8. Collages

With the help of Picture Layout tool, one create amazing Collages with captions also. But if you want a very customized collage then you just need to drag the images into powerpoint and apply the effects you want which we have seen so far. Then arrange the images as you wish by rotating (don’t consider the size of the slide) , by applying 3D effects and any other you want. After completion of your alignment just select all the images (Ctrl+A) and right-click, select “Save as Picture“. Select the format as “.png” if you want transparent background or “.jpg” for white background. That’s how you can create Collages (which are of the size of the combination of all images).



9. Text and Effects to edit text in PowerPoint

So far we have seen different features of Powerpoint to edit images. Now its time for text effects. Image editing without text is half done. Almost all the features whichever are available for editing images are also available for Texts. To type text, click “Insert” tab in the main menu bar. On clicking it, below the ribbon choose ” Text Box” and then click on the slide or image to see the text box. Type your texts in the text box, select the size and fonts styles from “Home menu” and select the text, then you can find a new FORMAT tab in the main menu clicking which you’ll see a new FORMAT menu for adding text effects. Just like you’ve seen different image effects for images , similarly you can see a variety of text effects. Exactly below FORMAT tab, there is “Text Effects” option clicking that you can add Shadow, Reflection, Glowing, 3D effects. You can really have professional text effects using these Powerpoint tools.


10. Custom Format Tools

Till now we have seen all the possible ready-made effects to design images and texts in PowerPoint. All ready-made effects may not suit always for completeness of your editing. For that every ready-made effect has custom editing feature. Lets say in Picture effects (2) when you want to add shadow effect to your image, you can choose one among the given and to customize it, you have to click “Shadow options” at the bottom of the list to have your own customizations. In the same way every ready-made effect will have an option to customize. If you want to customize each and every effect then just right-click the image and select “FORMAT Picture” then a new side bar gets opened with all the effects which you can customize. And when you select the text, TEXT OPTIONS automatically gets added to the sidebar. And now its your creativity to make use of these PowerPoint tools to have a professional design of your images in a very simple manner.Custom-editing-in-PowerPoint


So that’s how we can use the amazing tools of PowerPoint to design images and texts. One worth noting point is that 3D effects which is really an amazing feature, using which you can create exquisite designs. It’s the user who can make most of these simple looking tools to edit images. As its not possible to depict every editing feature of PowerPoint here very extensively, soon we are going to create a video to explain every feature vividly.

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