Most of us are acquainted with the method of using Windows computer with mouse and keyboard but there is one more method of operating it, that is with your mouth. When you looked at the phrase “Operating PC with voice” what did you get in your mind? Most probably I feel you remember the Iron Man movie. It’s an amazing movie where the leading role of the movie Stark ( Robert Downy Jr.) operates his computer Jarvis with his mouth and that would be interesting to watch. Did you ever think of operating your PC with mouth?  Yeah, you might be, but that high technology is not available to all now. We ‘ll soon have that, but till that time lets make use of the inbuilt voice recognition feature of Windows. And this method is very simple to use.


This voice controlling feature is available in all windows computers, it’s an inbuilt feature but most of us don’t use it. But if you just pay little attention and learn all the commands then it is very easy to operate your computer with voice.

How Windows Speech recognitions helps to Control PC?

As it’s an inbuilt feature, you may think that it is confined in features. But it’s quite good and has enough features for operating PC with your voice. With the help of Voice recognition you can open/close applications , you can dictate texts , fill online forms , minimize windows, deleting , moving , copying files and most of the operations where we generally use our mouse can be controlled with this inbuilt windows voice recognition.

Getting started with Speech Recognition Windows 8

Generally speech recognition feature comes with every windows computer just like other useful windows Softwares, but if you don’t have one you can easily install it from windows store.

The frst step is to go to the app search in your Windows PC and search for speech recognition or
Go to Control panel >Ease of Access > Speech Recognition > Start Speech Recognition


Next you see a voice bar at top of your screen , click “Microphone icon” or right-click the voice bar and select “ON listening”.  Next start speaking to your computer but your PC can only understand computer terminology so it cannot follow your commands directly. For that you need to know the commands and terminology it understands.


Before starting the voice recognition, you need to set up your microphone (even if you have speaker) which helps you to give commands clearly to your computer.

In the same control panel where you started Speech recognition, you can find “Take speech tutorial”. when you click that you’ll be taken to a window where you’re guided for controlling your PC with voice recognition, you should follow that and take tutorial to clear understand how Speech recognition works.

After completion of your Tutorial you can start your voice controlling. In the beginning you may not be able to control your PC well but if you go on practicing it’s not a big deal.

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How to use windows voice recognition effectively ?

Even after completion of your tutorial, you may not get grip on Voice control. So to get very clear idea about each command you need to go through thoroughly “Speech reference Card” . To open it right-click the voice bar which you see at top of your screen, there you can find that option. When you click that a help window gets opened, read thoroughly the whole instructions and also remember the syntax of the commands.


Next you need to start trying to operate your computer with Voice, whenever you’re not able to give correct command go through the guide and move on. Also you can add any word or command to speech recognition. By following this procedure soon you’re going to command your PC with your voice.

It is same like learning typing with the help of typing software. In the beginning you make mistakes but later on you develop the ability to type without looking at the keyboard the same analogy is applicable here also.

If you’re the one who uses PC with your family members then definitely you’re going to have great fun. Whenever you give commands by shouting, and your PC does not understand it and does some other then that would also be funny(Note: You can undo anything by saying “undo” ).

So I can say that this Voice recognition will greatly help in dictating text in your PC. Try it once you definitely like this feature of your windows computer.

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I hope this article gave you an idea to use the Windows speech recognition feature of your computer. If you already know this then share your thoughts how you used it or was that helpful for you.

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    Thank You

    1. Hello Meenakshi Rana,
      Thats good doubt. It’s an inbuilt feature in Windows, to open it just press Window key and type speech recognition. You’ll get it. Or if you can’t find then you need to install it from windows store or search in google you get it there.
      Thank you and Keep visiting for more tricks and tips…

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