Hello folks,are you getting bored? Then we’ll see some interesting websites which can entertain you with their great design.Almost everyone are using internet throughout the world these days. You will be visiting various sites in your web wandering. At one or the other time you’ll be bored. So generally what everybody does is they visit social network sites or any gaming sites to avoid boredom. Lets try something different this time.

We already know that there are millions of websites and also taking birth the same number everyday. Among those websites there are some cool interesting sites which will have great interesting animations or mouse hover effects which really impress visitors. And those sites contain nothing but only the interesting web animations. They are really carved with great web designs. Here we are going to see such a good list of cool websites which will definitely impress you.

List of Amazing websites one must visit to enjoy

1.Looking at something



It’s an amazing website to visit ever and ever to admire its beauty. This site opens up showing rainfall and when you move your mouse cursor upward then it shows daylight with cool music made of birds and when you start moving your cursor downward slowly then daylight starts fading and the rain starts appearing , when you reach the bottom of your screen you see full of dark with thunder sounds which appears to be very realistic. Also rain direction changes according to your cursor’s direction. It’s amazing to see those beautiful effects. Really one has to admire it.

2.Why was he sad



In this site you see clouds moving from right to left and left to right. And when you start moving your cursor towards them then they disappear. This can be treated as a game with an aim to vanish all the clouds which you see on your screen. It’s worth to see and enjoy this creative animation cum game.

3.It will never be the same



Its one more interesting site. Here you see a road something like in F1 race. When you left click your mouse then it starts moving something looks like you are riding bike with front camera showing only the road. By moving your mouse left and right the road also turns which looks like you’re turning your bike . Really amazing design.

4.Big long now



Here you see a closed-door. By left clicking you can open it but you find another closed-door inside it and the same thing continues. The sound effects are amazing in this , the sounds are greatly adjusted according to how you release the door. Looks realistic.

5.Future Physics



In this site you find Space with stars and planets moving. You can catch hold of any planet with your cursor and rotate or hit another planet and throw away. That is, Newton’s laws will be in your hand. Amazing design to enjoy.

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6. Cold Void



Here you find a spider web which you can shake , break links of the web. It’s going to be a very good game ,looks as if you are touching a real spider web. You can enjoy realistic look.

7.Hybrid Moment



Here you see something like a volcano erupting colourful lava towards you. When you move your cursor towards extremes of your screen then it starts moving very faster , just like water flows from a fire engine pump so faster , that your eyes starts blinking. You can slow down that by moving your cursor towards the centre.

8.White trash



In this site you see a person with only his head visible. When you click his eyes you can find goggles , if you go on clicking , you can find different styles of goggles. The same thing for beard and hair style, by clicking them you can switch different styles. It’s like a cartoon designing game . You can have fun from it.

9.Fill this up



When you visit this cool site, you see shapes like square ,triangle ,circles overlying one on the other and they go on overlapping wherever you move the cursor. That is , it fills up the white space of the webpage with all those shapes overlapping one over the other very faster.

10.Like this forever



This is really cool site you see a rose flower sprouting out slowly and continuously.When you left click, its colours gets changed. You can enjoy this cool flower effects.

And still there are many sites of this type where you can enjoy with their beautiful web designs. I found these websites during my web wandering and I felt to share these with the netizens who can really have fun whenever they’re bored looking at only the informative sites.

The above 10 sites are picked by me which I felt worth to enjoy and admire. And all are the creations of Rafael Rozendaal , a visual artist who really impressed millions of audience from his designs. If you want to see such more designs by him you can visit here and enjoy those visual creations. I found his main site during my intense web research and I came to know him just before writing this article. If you like this collection , give a like and share if you’re impressed.

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