Everyone knows and says this contemporary world as A Digital world or A Computer World. The reason is known to everyone as we find everywhere the electronic gadgets and their tremendous usage so it’s a Digital World !!!
Now this article helps you to design your Personal Computer with amazing softwares which helps you in solving different needs…..
The softwares chosen here are in such a way that at least one software is going to be helpful to everyone.

Five Best Softwares For Windows 8 Useful to Everyone

1. Desk Space:

This Application is something an amazing one. This makes your PC with 6 virtual desktops. Each Desktop can be customised with your Icons, files and Documents. The toggling of desktops is done by minimizing it, when it is minimized the six desktops forms a cube which can be hold with left click and rotated. Behind that cube you find one screen which can even be customized(You can change the Wallpaper of that). 
The virtual desktops will have many customizations like you can choose specific file only to appear on specific desktop, creating shortcuts for toggling, minimizing, separate shortcut for each desktop..etc. The main advantage of using this software is that when you  open some file and you don’t want others to see it  when somebody comes to you and peek at your PC at that time you can just toggle or choose your other virtual desktop such that they even can’t find it in the taskbar . This is like a simple example. You even have better use with it once if you install it you come to know. Here you can get complete guide for using virtual desktop manager – deskspace.
To download Desk Space Click here. 
In the trial version some features may not be available.


2. Sublime Text

If you’re A programmer, web designer, student, or any other who use some Text editor. Then here is a Very good Gift for you. SUBLIME TEXT is An Application which help you note anything nearly 20 to 30 formats of text may be  .txt , .html ,.xml , .php , .asp , .jsp , .as ……..many more.
It’s a text editor which helps you edit any text format suitable for that format. For example for editing html or java script it highlights the text in the same way as the original editor used for doing that job.
Moreover it gives numbered lines for easy writing, noting etc. Generally for editing different format texts we have different editors. The whole I can say that this is The Text Editor Which Comprises all types of Text Editors  in it like a multipurpose tool..
To know the taste of it you need to install it and see its greatness…
Clickhere to download the latest version of Sublime text.


3. Folder Lock

The name itself you can understand it’s an encrypter(Locker). This is a very good software which you need to have it. There may be some file in your PC which need to be protected. The best choice for that is Folder Lock. The speciality of this is its portable you can lock your files in pen drive too. This is like a folder which you open with some password and Put files which you want to lock them and close that’s all. It’s like a suitcase. This is The Best File Locker which can be used in a very easy way.
Click here to download Folder Lock.

4. Bandicam

This is a very good software which everyone need to have. You might have seen some videos explaining some tricks or solving tips, or tutorial etc. in YouTube. Those videos are taken with the help of some Screen recording Applications. Among them Bandicam stands in the best list of Screen recorders. The reason for telling it the Best is, it captures videos or pictures even sound in a high quality. Bandicam is mainly used to capture videos of Games played on your PC. You know capturing games is not an easy thing but Bandicam does it very well. So this tells us how its quality is. Even its sound is very good. These all features make it one in the best of Screen recorders.
To download Bandicam click here 


5. Photoshine

These day we all are crazy about updating photos in the social networks and get happy for the likes, comments and shares. Photoshine is such a software with which you can design your photos in a beautiful way. Without knowing anything just like in Photoshop to design a photo we need to know basic tools and their uses.
But here you just need to have a photo of yours and just choose which design or frame and adjusting your picture size and press enter. That’s all your photo is designed. This a Readymade designer for people like us who don’t want to use Photoshop, and other softwares which needed to be learnt.
In the trial version of it the design are limited may be around 30. But if you go for Full version you get around 700 designs and where you can design your photos in many different ways which gives your photo a professional look.

To download PHOTOSHINE the readymade Photo designer click here.

And these are the list of best of softwares to design your windows 8 computer. I hope you find atleast is going to ge helpful to you .

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