Every one of us know what gif images are. If you’re not the one among those, don’t worry we’ll see here everything about gif and how to easily create those gif images. Gif  ( Graphic Interchange Format) is a simple image format which can display a bunch of images together one after the other according to the desired speed. And this property of Gif to show images one after the other is used to create beautiful image animations. The same concept is also used in videos but there we consider larger number of frames per second and here according to our animation we select number of frames. Overall we can say Gif is nothing but an image video whose size depends on the number of frames used.


Now you’ve got clear idea about gif. Then how to create those gif images. Its simple we need an application where we can put all our frames(images) and adjust speed and pack it as gif. There are many Gif creator applications available in the web you can get one by googling. And myself  have not used any separate application for that job , because with the help of Photoshop one can create beautiful gifs in simple steps. Just you need to import all your frames into Photoshop, adjust speed , repetition and pack it as gif. But all of us may not know how to use photoshop and they can go for Gif creators.

Now you’ve understood how to create gifs. But if you want to create a gif from a video then you need to take all the frames of it and export those to Photoshop or any gif creator. And getting every frame from a video would a tedious job. Also if you want to create gif of any operation on your computer, you need to take screen recording of that and convert it to gif which is not always possible. So to avoid all those and make every gif creation easier we’re going to see gif screen recorders which can almost solve any type of gif creation problems.

Whenever you want to create gif from a video , then with the help of gif recorders within minutes you can create beautiful animated gifs. So here I got a list of best gif recorders to create any type of gif animations.

Best animated Gif Screen Recorders

There are not many good Gif screen recorder applications available on the web, so I found it would be useful to provide best gif screen recorders with great features which will really help netizens who post photos in social networks often or for bloggers to create informative animated posts. Let’s see how best the given gif recorders are.

1.ScreenToGif :

Screen to gif is the best known gif recorder with many amazing features. It’s a very simple and small-sized application less than 1mb and highly user friendly. Also you need not install it on your PC just clicking on the application starts your animated gif capture. Lets see some tactics to use it effectively.

1. First download the ScreenToGif application. Click here to download.

2. The downloaded application is generally a zipped one, just unpack it from zip.

3. Then double clicking on it shows you a transparent window, adjust the size of your capture, frames /second and click Record at the bottom right of the window to record

4.After recording, it opens up in the application to edit it.

5. In the top menu bar of ScreentoGif editor you’re provided with different options to edit your Gif capture. By clicking every option in the main menu you can find the different tools to edit the gif.

Worth noting features of ScreenToGif:

  • Easy to Crop and Resize any gif screenshot
  • You can add Text , Image , Caption to the frames
  • Rotation effects , Yoyo effect( Reverse of your animations)
  • You can add Borders , Transitions and can Change speed
  • Filters ( Blur , negative , sepia , gray scale effects)
  • High clarity ( No compromise on clarity ), movable screen while recording
  • Free hand drawing

The above all features make ScreenToGif application a unique and best among all. Since its a recorder you need not worry that it can only record to make gifs , besides you can manually add , delete , edit any of the frames of your gif. Can you guess how the entry image of this post is made? Its so simple just go to powerpoint and make your text or image animations and record it with this application thats it, you can create any of such animated gifs. You can also record from the video editors after editing videos. So this recorder finds great use in designing beautiful effects. There is one more recorder of this type which you can appreciate.

Have you seenWe can record computer screen without recording software .

2. Animated gif Editor :

This is something like ScreenToGif application and with some additional features which are not present in the above application. Click here to download Animated gif editor.


Animated gif editor features are:

  • you can create gifs for html pages along with sound
  • Convert gif to .avi video directly
  • Frames can be directly edited in paint
  • Can add subtitles to gifs

So whenever you need the above features to your gif you can switch to this application and get your work done. This is also of very small size around 1.5 mb. With help of these two animated gif screen recorders you can create any of your gif images.

Also Check :

Other few gif Screen recorders which you can have a glance:




Thats we can easily create any gif images with the help of the applications shown above. You can really have fun with those applications and can make prank gifs of your friends and have fun. If you know any application which can replace the above two gif screen capture apps, you can share those with us. If you like this article then share it with your friends and have fun. Any doubts feel free to comment or suggest.

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8 thoughts on “How to take animated Gif screenshots in windows Computer ?”
  1. ➤ Hi, Basharath,

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I’m glad I came. 🙂

    I do like gifs in moderation and a little movement on a page is fine, in my opinion. However, when there are lots of flashes and a lot of movement, I think it distracts from the content.

    Thanks for sharing. Will have to pass this info along to my daughter who is on a PC. She loves tech stuff.

    Thanks for the screen shots because I’m such a visual learner.

    Have a good evening.
    Carol Amato

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Thank you for your visit. Yeah, its true what you’ve mentioned, using lots of flash stuff distracts readers. But one or two beautiful, simple , creative can definitely will have good response.
      Thank you for sharing your views with us.


  2. Hi Basharath

    That’s clever 🙂 I was aware of gifs and knew vaguely what they did, but had no idea how to create them, so thanks for the help.

    Like Carol, I think they need to be used sparingly, but it’s great to know how to create them.

    Thanks, Joy

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Happy to find you here. I’m glad that you liked this post.
      Thank you for visiting. Keep visiting for such tricks.

  3. Hi,

    I also wrote on such post some months ago.
    This is an awesome write up. I’ve been using gif’s and animated images on my blog to illustrate the subject better.
    The tool(s) you mentioned are worth using.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    That was a really unique and amazing article.
    I always wondered how people took animated screenshots of their desktops and now I know how to do it too.
    Thanks for this article again.
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