Day by day the Communication is getting easier. And now the majority of the communication is taking place through the internet. The first and the best way of communication over internet was ever taken place through the e-mail (Electronic Mail). Today there are many free email service providers out there viz., Gmail, yahoo, outlook(Hotmail), Rediff mail etc.

Create Free Custom Email

But all those providers have a fixed common domain for the emails, if a user wants any custom domain he/she has to pay few bucks to the Provider. Google offers the custom email service for about $5/month. So after a little research we have found a good email provider who gives access to the free custom email service along with a bunch of amazing features. At present there are around 150+ custom email domains available to choose from for free from this free email service provider. Lets see how we can get this free custom email service.

How to get free custom email service?

Have you ever thought of your email address as or or ? If yes then it’s very easy now to register your email with your favourite domain extension from a huge list of about 150+ various domains using email service.

Any custom email address can be registered for free using this email service. allows the users to register and have about 10 alias addresses at a time and all those aliases can be accessed from a single account. Below are the list of free custom domains of various categories available for registering email. Have a look at them and select your favorite domain extension for your email.



Spiritual ::



How to create Custom Email address for Free:

1.First visit the → [Link]

2.Click the signup button

3.Fill in the details that are necessary and choose your favorite domain from the scrolling domain list

4.Finally click “I accept. Create My account.


Note: Some times signup process shows error. Inorder to overcome that just use proxy service to change the geographical location.


How to use more than one custom email address at a time?

Using service users can setup upto 10 custom emails for free, if more are needed then users have to opt for the premium feature of It’s very easy to setup different emails all pointing to your first registered mail i.e., you can send and receive different emails from the same one account. And this feature is called “Alias addresses”.

To setup alias address:

1. First login to your email and select the “Home” tab



2.Next from the left sidebar under Access options click “Alias address



3.Under the Create Alias Address enter your email username and select your favorite domain from the scrolling list of domain names

4.Finally click Create Alias address

You can look at all your alias addresses just above “Create alias Address“. You can choose any of your email addresses as the default one for sending and receiving emails.


How to setup App for smartphones?

This Custom email service is also very handy to use. You can manage all your custom emails easily from an app available for Android and iOS.

You can get app from Play store [Link] or under Access options from left sidebar direct link for Android and iOS apps is given.

After installing the app, open it and login with any of the  Email addresses to access all your emails.

So that’s how you can create your favorite custom email address from the huge list of domains. You can use these email addresses based on your work, hobby, good sounding domain or for any other reason. For example if you’re an engineering student then you can amaze your friends by telling them your email address as Cool right! Then why do you wait, just share it with your friends this trick. If you face any problem in creating or setting up this email service, post your queries under the comment section.

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    Thank you

  2. Hi Basharath,

    That’s very interesting, thanks. I had no idea you could do have an email domain to match your profession ! Although it’s obvious when you point it out!

    I’ll keep your post safely as I may bump into someone who needs the service.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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