Screenshot is very useful for us to save the information on the computer screen with one click. We can take screenshot of a complete screen or part of screen with normal inbuit screenshot feature of the computer. But there may be a situation where our required information may be lengthy and consists of scrolling , in that case single screenshot is not going to serve our need, if you go for making a PDF of that, also consists breaks messing up the information. So to avoid those breaks we go for screenshot softwares which can take screenshot of a scrolling window.

Scrolling window screen capture is mainly useful when you want to capture the whole page of a website and store for reading later. We have already seen how to take Screenshot in windows PC without any software in three different ways. If you want you can go through that. Now  here in this article we are going to see how to take screenshot of scrolling window with and without software.

Screenshot of a Scrolling window

Using Snagit Application:

We are going to take scrolling window screenshot using Snagit application. Its very easy to use this application. This also helps you as a video recorder of your computer screen. And moreover you can edit your screen captures with awesome tools available in it. It has features like  adding callouts , icons , symbols , shadow effects and many other. Not only captured pictures, any image from your computer can be edited in this application. Now here we’re going to see only the scrolling capture feature of this snagit application. First to use this you need to install the application in your Computer.

1. Click here to download Snagit Application.

2. Install the application .

3. Open Snagit

4.Now go to the webpage which you want to take the scrolling capture.

5.From the snagit pop up click the red rounded button and choose the window and click scrolling icon to take scrolling screenshot.



6. After completion of taking screenshot, it opens up in snagit editor there you can clip or edit any part of your screenshot you want.

After final edit you can save the picture in different formats according to your need.

This how we take scrolling screenshot using snagit application.

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Scrolling Screenshot without any software:

Now you know taking scrolling screenshot using snagit software. Here in this case we don’t use any software for capturing but a small browser extension for your chrome or Firefox browser which is very light and does not occupy any space in you computer. The name of the extension is nimbus. If I start telling its features then you will be amazed. It is a small extension but capable of taking different types of screen captures. Just like snagit application , we can edit the captured images in it and has enough tools to decorate your screenshots. This also helps you take selected scrolling capture.  Its very simple to use this extension, follow below steps to understand well.

1. First visit chrome store and add the “nimbus” to your browser , or if you’re a Firefox user you can visit mozilla store.

Click here to add nimbus For chrome

Click here to add nimbus for Firefox


2. After adding nimbus to your browser , open the website whose scrolling screenshot you want to take.

3. Now click the Nimbus icon which you see at top right corner of your Chrome browser. There select “Entire page ” to capture scrolling window.


4. Next your captured image opens up in a new tab ,where you can edit your captured image with the tools provided.

5. After final edit you can save the screeenshot to your computer or upload to the nimbus cloud.

And the same procedure is followed in Firefox also. With the help of Nimbus you can also take screenshots of different windows of your PC. If you want to see other useful extensions of this type you can visit here. Snagit is also available as extension and app for chrome but is not that handy when compared with  Nimbus. Still there are other extensions available but nimbus is quite good to do our job in a simple manner.

These are the two easy methods to take scrolling Screenshot , if you know better method than this then do comment and we’ll share your idea. If you like this, give us a like and share …

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