Android 5.0 Lollipop is out and has already found its way to most devices either by side loading it or by the official OTA route. The new iteration of Android introduces the all new Material Design, look and feel, featuring lots of animations, creating an entirely new Android experience.  Here I list 10 Best Android Lollipop Features which are different from other previous versions.
This little Easter egg in Android 5.0 Lollipop is inspired from the now famous game , Flappy Bird.  To access it, go to Settings →About →repeatedly tap Android Version line (Long Press Lollipop) , then you’ll see on the screen to launch  the Easter egg.

2. Different User Accounts

Lollipop has added the multi-user support to smartphone as well. There are three built in accounts, which are: User Account, Guest Account and Profile Account.
  • User Account :

This is similar to an administrator account. The phone owner will control it. The system settings made in the user account will be automatically reflected in the other accounts

  • Guest Account :

The guest account is similar to the Chrome’s incognito mode. Data generated, sent and received during the guest session is temporarily stored.

  • Profile Account:

The profile account is the account without admin privileges. This is for the second user of the phone. You can limit the access to apps and services for these user’s account.

3. Metered Wi-fi Network

Like your cellular data, you can now set your wi-fi to be metered as well so that it will restrict background data and give warnings for large downloads. To set Wi-fi network as metered, go to Settings →Data Usage →Network restrictions and set wi-fi as Metered.

4. Double Tap to wake the Screen

Instead of pressing the power button you can double tap the screen to wake your phone. Google borrowed this new feature from other manufacturers and made it its own. However, it requires hardware support and hence would work on only those phones that have the compatible hardware.

5. Search Within  settings

Going into the settings apps and finding the right one located within the submenus can be tedious right? To deal with it, Google has added a search option within the settings. Its fast and easy if you know what you are looking for. To search go to Setting → tap the magnifying glass icon and start typing.

6. See Battery Percentage

Android Lollipop doesn’t list the battery percentage on the status bar. However, you can see it in the Quick Settings. Just open the Quick Settings and the battery percentage is listed there.

7. Built in Flash light

Flashlight is now integrated into the system directly. You don’t have to rely on the third party apps anymore. To turn of the flashlight, go to Quick Settings in Lollipop ( two finger swipe from the top) and you’ll find the flashlight toggle there.

8. Face Locking

You can also use face unlocking method to unlock your phone. It’s not new but the one offered in Lollipop seems better implemented. To enable it, go to Settings →Security →Smart lock and enter your PIN then go to Trusted Face →Setup, and follow the instructions.

9. Battery Saver Mode

Project Volta has lot to offer in Lollipop. Google says you can extend the battery life by up to 90 percent by using the battery saver features. There’s a built in battery saver which is automatically turned on at 15% or 5% battery. You also switch it on and off manually. To enable battery saver go to Settings →Battery →tap the menu button →select Battery saver.

10. Unlock with Bluetooth

In lollipop you can set up a Bluetooth device as your phone’s key. This being set up , your phone will stay unlocked when that particular device is present in the vicinity and paired.  To set it up first pair your Bluetooth device, then go to Settings →Security →Smart lock. Enter your PIN and tap ‘Trusted devices’ hit the plus icon, select “Bluetooth” and choose your paired device.
And these are the 10 notable features of Android Lollipop .
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