Now a days everyone from Younger to Older are having and using mobile phones especially Smartphones which have become a part of their life. The Smartphones really does very smart things ,all classes of people have got very good acquaintance with it , such that every time they are using it for some or the other reason for using Internet , chatting , Playing games ,Capturing Photos and many  other purposes.
And here I will tell you few things which you didn’t that your smartphone can do.

1. To Check Working of TV remote

Often you find that one of the many remotes in your house isn’t working. You tap it to try to get it to work, next you proceed to pointing it from all possible angles, and eventually get frustrated and open up the back panel to change the batteries. However, before doing any of that there is a simple way to check if the remote is still transmitting a signal.
Just start up your default camera app, point the remote to your smartphone lens. If your remote is working you’ll be able to see purplish light emanating from the remote’s IR bulb when you look through your camera, as your camera lens can detect IR (Infrared) radiation.

2. To Tune Guitar

Using your smartphone you can tune your guitar or any other stringed instrument. The smartphone detects the sound of the string you are playing and displays on screen if you need to sharpen or flatten that string to get the desired note.
DaTuner app displays the nearest note and the octave as well as the error in cents. It is very easy to use and extremely accurate.

3. To Remotely take a picture with another smartphone

With the RemoteShot app you can remotely click a picture with an android device. The app needs to be installed on both devices. Pairing is done through Bluetooth. Once the app is started you choose which device will be the remote and which will be camera.  There is a view finder on the remote device that lets you frame the shot. And just like a camera functions you can access all the functions through remote phone.

4. To snap pictures of Sheet of music

With iSeeNotes sheet Music ODR you can click a picture of your sheet music and have your cell phone play it back for you. This reads multiple staffs, recognizes the bass and treble clefs etc and give you a surprisingly accurate playback of the sheet music.

5. To Help You Sleep Better

Using the SleepTime app you can use your smartphone to get a good night’s sleep. This app detects your movements through the night and figures out your sleep pattern. All you have to do is to place the phone on your mattress before you go to sleep and the app does the rest.
The apps alarm wakes you up at the lightest part of your sleep cycle. You can avoid waking up groggy with the urge to hit that snooze button.
These are the five uses of a smartphone which are generally not known..
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