WhatsApp (WA) is an Instant messaging app for smartphones is undergoing a lot of changes day by day. Now it is the most popular messaging app with more than 700 million users all over the world.
The User Interface of it, is very good such that every feature of it runs very smoothly that’s the main reason why everyone is opting for that. Recently it has added calling feature to all its users which is going to be a plus point for it as we would not go for any other app for calling where everything gets embedded in it. However it’s mainly designed to use on mobile phone but there are people who always sits before Computer and don’t use mobile much. For those people to communicate well with WhatsApp, is trying to get a PC mode of it.
In the month of Jan 2015 WhatsApp Inc. announced that they have made some method to use WhatsApp on PC with limited features. The features are limited because WhatsApp Inc. is working on it to make the whole setup work on PC. This is like a beta version of WhatsApp on web. This is just to satisfy its users to use WhatsApp on PC. May be within few months it is going to come up with PC version with all features. Let’s wait for that and use this temporary beta method to enjoy WA on PC.

Steps to Use WhatsApp on PC without Bluestacks or Youwave 


1. Only Chrome browser
2. Latest version of WA App installed in any smartphone.

Using WhatsApp on PC

  • First you need to be a WhatsApp (WA) user with WA installed in your smartphone (latest version compulsorily).
  • If you have old version you can download it from any of the stores provided for your smartphone. Or you can download APK file from its website.

To download Whatspp APK click here

  • This method works only on Chrome browser so in your Chrome browser of your PC go to www.web.whatsapp.com. There you find one QR code you need to scan that with your WA QR scanner.
  • To scan that QR code you should have your (WA) on mobile connected to the internet otherwise this method won’t work. Go to “Options menu” in your WA, there you find ‘WhatsApp Web’ option below ‘New broadcast’, click that then a scanner appears. Now scan the QR code which you see in your Chrome browser. That’s it after scanning, your WA opens on Your PC. Be sure that your mobile is connected to the internet while using WhatsApp PC otherwise you cannot use it on PC.

As we have already seen that this is a beta method, features are limited.


WhatsApp Web Disadvantages:

1. It doesn’t support iPhone

WA for web essentially syncs messages between your smartphone and browser via its servers. At this time, the service does not support the iPhone. According to WA it’s unable to provide the web client to iOS users due to Apple’s platform limitations.

2. Needs your phone to be on and connected to the internet

After pairing your smartphone with WhatsApp’s web client through a QR code image, you’ll be able to send and receive messages through your browser. But what if your phone loses the data connection or runs out of charge? Sadly, the WA web version will also go offline. Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for the web client to work.

3. Doesn’t support browsers other than Google Chrome

WhatsApp’s web interface only supports Google Chrome. So if you use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, you’re out of luck. A number of IT environments restrict the use of applications not approved by admins. If you’re part of one and can’t use Chrome, you’ll not be able to use WA for web. WhatsApp’s justification is that Chrome’s push technology is better.
It’s surprising that the service doesn’t support Internet Explorer given Microsoft’s investment in Facebook which owns WA. Also, it’s worth pointing out that Google (the developer of Chrome) competes directly with Facebook.

4. You can’t block users

To block users, you still need to go to the mobile app. The number of spam messages on WA has gone up considerably and the only way to deal with these, is to block their number. Unfortunately, the web version does not offer the block feature.

5. You can’t create and leave groups

While you can send and receive messages from groups you’re a part of, the WhatsApp web client doesn’t let you create new groups or leave existing ones. You also can’t send broadcast messages via the web client.
And these are the Pros and Cons of Web WhatsApp. Let’s hope for the complete featured web Whatsapp in the upcoming days…
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