Wikipedia the online encyclopedia whose help to the netizens can’t be described. It is the top source for providing answers to the different types of queries to the people on the web. People often search in the google with their keywords ending with wiki , which shows that people are very pleased and expects results from Wikipedia. Almost the whole content present in the wikipedia is a quality one so people trust it without any second thought . Today We need wikipedia to know , understand ,conclude about a Place , Thing , Person , Event , Organization , action , Language , what not all types of information . Effective-use-of-wikipediaSuch a great Encyclopedia is at our disposal , so how do we need to make use of it in a more effective manner to draw , learn , understand more out of it. Generally people use the browser’s print option , like in chrome using print option and Changing the format to PDF people save the  information available on the Wiki page but with that method text is not so clearly aligned , the page breaks meddles the information shown with titles , url thrown up and down , and the images also may not be aligned clearly , and all such stuff makes it inconvenient to read the article. But most of the people do not know that there is a separate print option provided by wikipedia , which automatically aligns the information and media on it in the form of a book with much comfort to read the article. This happens so because most of us do not look the environment around the wiki article and we just see the information may be up to two headlines that’s it take a PDF of it and store for later reading. So keeping it in mind I thought of writing an article with all the tips necessary for the effective use of the online encyclopedia.

Here we are going to explore the different features provided for convenient reading and usage of wikipedia . Lets start with a brief intro of wikipedia

Glimpse of Wikipedia

Wikipedia the largest free online encyclopedia was started with the slogan : Wikipedia – “The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on Janurary 15, 2001 hosted by Wikimedia Foundation. As of now wikipedia is available in more than 288 languages having English wiki with largest number of articles. Every month wiki receives nearly 500 unique visitors and is globally one of the top ten websites. Yet Wikipedia does not show up ads and runs only with the donations made by the people through out the world.

Using Wikipedia Effectively

Wikipedia Homepage

Most people visit Wikipedia through a query , probably not many people know its homepage , is surrounded with different languages with Wikipedia logo at the center. Clicking on any language takes you to the Main page of that language with the content showing related to that language’s people , news ,events etc.


Wikipedia Language Selection

Language selection is a worth noting point in Wikipedia. If you’re polyglot lets say you know English and Deutsche then when you opt for Deutsche then the main page of wiki will show the content more relevant to your language , and its dialects and nation. However when you opt English its going to cover different parts of the world. For people with moderate English knowledge Wikipedia has “Simple English ” language option which uses and conveys information using simple words. This is very helpful to non-native English speakers.


Wikipedia Main Page

Generally Wikipedia is not only the provider of answers to our queries but it can be used as a book , weekly magazine and news letter as well. When you visit the main page of wikipedia of any language . Let’s see English version ( version can be seen in the url). In the very first table you can see the topics list like Arts , Biography , Mathematics etc. Here you can select the topic of your interest and start reading. Below the topics list you find the featured articles for that day , recent news , some facts with the title “Did you know …” , Historical events of that day , a featured Image with a story behind it. Thus the main page is well designed with all details like a magazine. So for good readers Wiki’s Main page is always with a useful content


Downloading an Article as PDF

In the beginning of this article we have seen that by using the Print option of the browser , the pdf is not going to be very convenient for reading. For that reason Wiki has provided a “Download as PDF” option which can automatically designs , aligns the article content beautifully as a book.

To use this method open the article which you want as PDF and now go to the left side bar , there under headings you find Print/Export , under that click the “Download as PDF ” option.


Next you are taken to the rendering page there you’re notified about your article rendering . After completion of that you find “Download the file ” link, click it that’s all your beautifully designed article gets converted to PDF save it or download.


If you do not know this method , then follow it from now onward.

Creating Books with wiki articles

The most notable feature of wikipedia is that it offers us to copy , or use or make books from the articles available in it. The procedure is very simple for making books from the articles . Follow the below steps to create an ebook.
1. Go to left sidebar , under Print /Export heading , click “Create a book”


2.Now in ‘book creator page’ ,click “start book creator “


3.Now above every article you find “Add this page to your book” button click it if you want to add it your book.


4.Search for the article you want in your book in search field at “Top right corner”.

5. After completion of adding articles to your book “click show book” on top of the article.


6.In this page manage the styling of your book like Title ,subtitle, size of paper , tables etc.


7.In the same page at the bottom right corner you find “Download as PDF ” option click it and your book rendering takes place after completion , click download. That’s it your book is created.


Enjoy wikipedia book !!!

Become a Wikipedia Contributor

Yes! you can become the contributor to wikipedia . As we know wikipedia is a free online source of information , the articles in it are written by people like us and are verified , corrected , modified by others. At present there are about 60,000+ active wiki editors. Its very easy to become a contributor ,for that you need not be an expert or a professional , for that you just need to have basic command over the language and have some basic knowledge about the topic. To become a wiki editor

1.Click the “Create account ” at top right corner


2.Fill out the form with your details (Username , Email , password).


3.Confirm the email and start editing the content (Wiki will help you in editing the content don’t worry )

Note that you should always abide by the content policies and guidelines of wikipedia before writing or editing the information.

WikiMedia’s other Projects

WikiMedia has started various other projects in different languages of the world to help and offer netizens with all types of information in various fields. And all those sister projects are also wiki i.e., they can be edited.


See more here about WikiSister Projects.

Final Words:

Now from the above we can understand how great wikimedia foundation is . Today Wikipedia is helping to a number students , Professionals and various other people. So its a kind request to the readers who are enough affluent ,please donate what ever is possible to WIKIMEDIA Foundation to enhance it to provide much more content in the possible languages of the world.

If hope this article is going to be helpful to you . If you like this then give your reward by sharing it with your friends.

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