Generally we want to take screenshot of our computer to keep the content on screen to be with us just for referring the information later, or showing/explaining the problem or any function to others, or to just want it to be used as a wallpaper, or capture some information on internet and store for later use…or for many uses.

But most people think that they need a software to do that but actually we are not needed any software for that. Windows comes built in that feature to take a screenshot. Here I will tell you three easy methods to capture your computer screen without any software.

3 Ways to Take Screenshot on Windows without external Software

1. Using Windows Print Screen :

All the Windows Computers will have this option. But the feature may be different when compared with Windows 8 and above. With this Option you can take the Screenshot of your whole Computer display.

To use this method follow the below steps

1. Choose the window or the screen which you want to take screenshot.
2. Just Press “Wind + prt sc” button combination. [ prt sc button can be found at the top right corner of your keyboard beside “f12 ” button.]
3.Thats all your screenshot is saved in a separate folder with name ‘Screenshots’ in Pictures folder of the User in C’ Drive in Windows 8 and above versions.
But in Windows 7 and below version it is Stored on clipboard , to use that you have to open Paint or other Application and paste there to see your Screenshot.

2.Using Snipping Tool :

This is the Best tool available for taking Screenshots in Windows PC which is Inbuilt, comes with Windows PC. You can go to this tool just by going Search and type Snipping Tool and open it.

Follow below steps to Capture :

1. After opening Snipping Tool , First  Open the window or the Screen which you want to capture.
2. Now go to Snipping Tool click ‘New’.
3. You will find Cross cursor, now select the area which you want to capture by left clicking.
4. Now your area is captured and opened in Snipping Tool window. To get the image go to File option and choose SaveAs and follow other steps and save the captured area wherever you want.
The advantage of this tool is you can capture any part of your computer screen and you can also change the cursor mode to any shape so that you can even capture screen of any shape. This tool is inbuilt present in all Windows Computers.

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3. Using MS PowePoint’13 :

As MS Office is a Basic software that every PC will have, so we can use the new feature of MS PowerPoint’13 for capturing area on your PC. This Capturing feature is present in MS PowerPoint 13 and may be in 10 also.

Follow below steps to Capture screen:

1. First Open MS PowerPoint’13 and choose blank slide.
2. Then Open the Window or the screen which you want to capture.
3. Now switch to PowerPoint and click INSERT option in Top menu [beside HOME]
4. Now you find SCREENSHOT option below the top menu click that and go to ‘Screen Clipping’
5. Now select the area which you can to capture and your screenshot is shown on your blank slide click right button of your mouse and choose ‘Save As Picture’ and save it in the format which you want.
This method also helps you to crop, resize, design then and there only and save as your wish.
That’s so easy………..
And these are the three easy methods to capture screen on your PC without using any External Software….
If any problem in the three methods feel free to comment…

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  1. This is awesome! Great find. I’d also recommend Acethinker Screen Grabber which I have used for many years. It’s free and it allows for taking screenshots of whole screen or any selected area, even scroll-down page. Besides, it also comes with other features like making annotations, uploading and sharing images.

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