It’s a fact that most people enjoy watching movies, series, and TV shows online especially when they want to relax and break the monotony. Some apps and sites allow you to watch TV shows online free, some just need minimal requirements like sign up. Though not all sites are free, some have paid service and ask you to sign up at a certain fee. This article will help you identify the most credible and best sites that are free for watching TV shows online.


Note that sometimes you may not be able to access some of the sites listed below due to restrictions from your local ISPs. In such a case, you can use these free proxy sites or Free proxy servers so that you can unblock the restrictions and stream the below-listed sites. To watch the movies for free you can check out this free movie sites list.

Free  Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has been on demand because you get to enjoy so much with no monthly subscription. You can either access it on the website or the app. It’s regarded as one of the reliable streaming sites to watch shows online free offering a variety of genres. It allows you to filter the wide variety of genres like animation, comedy, crime, action, and many more.

It has a well-formulated interface that allows you to easily find your favorite shows. You can choose to register or not. Popcornflix is also available on Samsung, Roku, Amazon, and Apple. You can watch it on multiple devices.


To watch free shows online on Popcornflix → Visit here

2. Tubi

Tubi is absolutely 100% free and allows you to watch series online free and stream to other shows. Tubi has an app that is free to install, but you have to bear with some ads while streaming your content. Tubi has big collections of movies, series, and TV shows. The registration is compulsory.

The amazing thing about Tubi is its available on so many devices like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox, Samsung smart TVs, Play station and Sony smart TVs. It’s available in most regions and well organized to enable you to navigate easily.


You can visit Tubi using this → Link

3. B Movies

B Movies will help you watch TV series online because it just has a very wide variety of collection. It serves in most regions. The collection is very broad you will enjoy the best TV series like The Flash, The Voice, arrow just to mention a few. It’s not compulsory to register.  You also get to enjoy free history, action, horror, and thriller movies.

B Movies are well organized hence making it easy to find what you looking for. You can choose to watch the episodes online or download and watch later on. They ensure to offer high-quality HD movies, which you can enjoy on various devices. You can easily filter to choose your favorite genre.


You can watch TV series on B Movies through this → Link

4. Vumoo

Vumoo is opted by many because they can watch TV series online free streaming at ease and no expense. Here you don’t need to sign up, you just search your favorite TV show or movie and watch. They have an eye-catching display of the movies and TV shows which they offer in like 7 pages, you can easily move to the next page to look for variety. The good thing is it is accessible almost everywhere, and easy to use even by kids.

Vumoo has been in existence for quite some time now therefore it meets user’s expectations. It lists the TV shows with all the links, genre, and even actors. It offers you two servers to stream just in case one develops a problem you can still enjoy your shows with the other one.


You can visit Vumoo using this → Link

5. has a very wide variety of TV shows from the latest and those from way back then. It is very organized and allows one to filter either by genre, country, TV series, or Top IMDb. Not to forget that has more than 20 genres like action, drama, Kumfu, fantasy, a family just to mention a few. It is also available in more than 16 countries like China, India, the US, Taiwan, and others.

Series lovers will fall in love with because it has a separate catalog for series only, where you get to search and watch series stream. They ensure they offer high-quality videos to satisfy their customers. Their display is also very easy to operate and find what you need.


You can visit using this → Link

6. Cine Bloom

On accessing the Cinebloom site it displays a security checkbox just to ensure you not a robot. Once you check the security box you are good to go, you access a voluminous collection of movies and TV shows at no cost. CineBloom doesn’t even require one to register or sign up.

Since they don’t have filters they provide a search button, which enables you to easily locate your preferred show. If not having a filter it’s a bit of a challenge because unless you navigate through the pages which is more than 100, making it tedious. It offers more than 3 streaming options with uStream being the best because its faster, HD quality and has No Ads.


You can watch tv shows online free on CineBloom using this → Link

7. Soap2Day

Soap2Day allows you to watch TV shows online free without having to log in or register. It has a very broad collection of series but allows you to filter by year, genre, latest updates, and even popularity. You can also utilize the search bar to get results for a specific show or series. You can also enjoy watching a variety of movies.

Even though their website has ads and popups, it is well designed and offers an easy display to navigate through. You can access top movies on your right, get to know the latest updates even by days or by most popular.


To watch series online free you can this → Link

Therefore, with this era of internet everywhere one gets a chance to enjoy their favorite shows and series at no cost. They are more than 30 sites and apps you can enjoy series and watch TV shows online free from your multiple devices. I have mentioned just but a few more free sites exist like

and many more. The amazing thing is that in some sites you don’t need to even register, just access the site and enjoy your shows and series.

However,  we know with much use of the internet, online fraud is also on the rise. It’s therefore important to ensure the sites you access are secure and avoid giving your details. If you are also planning to upgrade to premium option ensure you give the site trial like for 30 days so that you can evaluate and get to know what the site or app offers. However, there are still other sites you can enjoy lot of series and even live stream shows at a fee either weekly or monthly subscription.

They include:

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