Chrome browser is something like a multipurpose tool. It has extensive uses, helpful for browsing fast internet , it can open most of the file formats and play any video too, has many extensions and apps , and recently ARC welder chrome app came into lime-light which can play android apps in chrome browser. All these features make Chrome the best browser. And personally to me it’s very helpful in many aspects. Perhaps I use chrome extensively and with the help of extensions and apps I simplify my work. So I decided to share here the most useful Chrome extensions which can make remarkable  changes in your chrome usage. If you work online or spend too much on your browser then these extensions are going to expedite your work. Must-have-Chrome-extensions-min

Extension or add-on to a browser is nothing but a short code consisting of java scripts , Html and other codes which can be added to a browser to create shortcuts , modify functionality , or retrieve data from a website with one click. They are very helpful in making our work go simpler.

Let’s see here one by one the useful extensions.

Best Google chrome extensions to help you work comfortably

1. Note Board

The name of the extension may look very simple for you but if you have look at it then you may wonder. Yes it’s a wonderful extension which helps you make note of the things which you want. The note can be of any type may be text , link , image, drawing etc.


The Note board is a big board with very colourful look provided with different boards ,you can categorize them to note different topics. It stores your notes as sticky note on the board that has awesome look. Let me tell you how I use it. Whenever I see good quotes , news , texts, images, message , link and many other in any website or in social networks then I just select it and right click choose the category of my board and store it. Whenever I want to see those I just open the board and enjoy all those notes . Also you can signup online note board and can sync all your notes in your browser . Still it has many features with great customizations to say but putting everything in words is not possible. Add this chrome extension to your browser and then see. I challenge, you definitely like it.

Click here to add the extension to your browser .

2.Nimbus ScreenShot

With the help of the previous extension , we were able to make the note of the things by selecting text or image but using this nimbus extension you can take a capture of that. And this extension is not an ordinary screen capture. It has mind-blowing features to use. This extension can be used to take any screenshot of your PC i.e., this can replace mostly  any  screen capturing software of your PC.


With the help of this extension you can take any type of screen capture in your browser as well as in your PC. This has the great feature to take screen shot of scrolling web pages , you can also select the part of the scrolling page which is something a quite unique feature it has. And not only capturing it does , after capturing your image it opens in a new tab where you can edit your screenshot by cropping , inserting text , drawing , shadow effects , callouts , shapes etc. After editing you can save to your PC or upload to your cloud. Try this once to admire it .

Click here to add the extension to your browser.


We have seen to manage text and images of your browser and now we are going to manage video part using ScreenCastify extension. It’s a simple screen recorder,  simple mean user-friendly not in its quality of recording.


With this recorder you can screen record a tab in the browser , any window of your PC and can record you with your webcam also. You can also choose resolution of your recording , it can record HD quality videos. And in the case of window recording of your PC, the resolution is set according to the window size. The quirk of this recorder is that it records only the window which you select and during recording when you switch windows then that is not going to be recorded , it only goes on records the assigned window even if you minimize it. This features is also helpful for people but its something unique. One more thing is that you can embed your webcam in your videos just like you see in some youtube videos. You can save the recorded video to your PC or can share in youtube as you wish.

Click here to add ScreenCastify extension to your browser

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4.The Great Suspender

We have just now seen extensions for managing all types of media. Now we see how to control our browser from consuming lot of memory . Generally in google chrome if you open more than 6 tabs then the ram consumption increases rapidly. So to avoid that we have here ” The Great Suspender ” which suspends the tabs which are not in use and controls the memory consumption by putting them asleep.


Here you can customize the settings like choosing when to auto suspend a tab , tabs to exclude from suspension , selecting shortcut key and you can manually suspend a tab by visiting it. It’s very useful to people who often work with lots of tabs open. For me it’s highly useful. It can make a tab suspended for about three days.

Click here to add Suspender to your browser.

5. Eraser

The last but not the least. This is a good history erasor helpful to everyone. It not only saves your time from going to history cleaner and cleaning but using this, with one click you can  erase different forms of history. For instance you want only cookies to be removed then by with one click you can erase it from the tab or the window you are. It finds great use for the webmasters or webdesigners , where they want to erase only WebSql or cache or cookies or plugin data then they can do that with one click.


And now a days google has become soo fast that it caches and stores cookies of our entries very faster and when we change our query completely then it relates with cache and cookies stored. So to make it think freshly we need to clear cookies and cache, in that case Eraser is very handy clears everything with one click.

Click here to Add Eraser to your browser.

The above extensions are personally tested and presented to you, so that you can make most of it. Still there are many extensions available but from the above mentioned at least one is going to be helpful to  everyone. If you want any extension related to your work, then simply visit chrome store and search for it with the available filters to meet your need. Try the above extensions and give your feed back whether they are helpful to you or not. If you find them useful then do like and share this to tell others.

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