Hello blogger… The people who are in blogging field or SEO related in general need to have look over different aspects of blog’s Seo strategy . That is they should be frequently checking their Blogs ranking, backlinks , posts of other bloggers , authority and many other.


It is  known that most of the bloggers use chrome browser which has very good interface , user friendly , has lots of extensions available and moreover its faster .So for bloggers to keep in touch with their SEO strategy of theirs as well as their competitors here are few chrome extensions  which I found quite  useful and easy to manage with one click.

Must have SEO Chrome extensions for Bloggers

1. Alexa Traffic Rank

The bloggers / Webmasters already know what an Alexa rank mean. This is the very handy tool to check the Alexa rank of your blog as well as others . This extension  can be placed at the top right corner of your browser beside URL box. This tool helps you know

  • Global Alexa rank and country’s Alexa rank of the site
  • Unique and quality links to the site
  • Average speed of the site and also top keywords driving traffic to the site .Alexa-chrome-extension

2. SEO Quake

This is the all in one SEO tool helpful to every blogger. This gives all the information from age of the blog to the keywords of the blog.Here I mention few uses

  • Displays different search engine indexing including alexa , Page ranks , age of the blog as a bar under each result(link) in search engine result page (SERP)
  • Helps to analyse keyword density
  • Helps in diagnosing blog i.e., shows all seo aspects of a blog


3.RSS Feed Reader :

This is one more helpful extension for bloggers to keep themselves update with different blogs and their content. Its very helpful to follow other blogs easily and have a look at their posts . And this gives you ideas for your new posts also. Whenever the blogger whom you’re following post’s a new post then you will be notified by this RSS feed reader showing the number new posts on its icon. Its features are:

  • Shows new posts of each blog with no. of  new posts beside it
  • Shows posts which are new from all blogs
  • With one click you can add the blog to your RSS reader


4.Rank Signals

This is best SEO chrome extensions available  for checking the unique / quality backlinks of a website / blog. This is very helpful for newbies who can’t afford money for checking backlinks with seo tools like SEMrush and others . This tool shows all the backlinks which are displayed in the alexa ranking. Additional features are :

  • Shows Alexa , Page rank
  • Shows Alexa traffic graph
  • Shows unique backlinks as well total backlinks



See : How to use Rank Signals more effectively ?

5.SEO SERP Workbench ;

This is very good SEO tool for checking your blog ranking in Google seach engine. Its very simple to use . You need to enter the keywords in the search field of this tool and it shows the position of your site in the google search engine . This helps you to see the rankings in differernt countries also . WIth the help of this you can check the keywords for which your site is ranking better and helps you modify or change your keywords. Few days back it used to be a chrome extension but now it’s available as chrome app . So you need to go to apps sections of chrome browser to access this SEO tool.


One more too is MOZbar

6. Mozbar

This is like SEO quake which shows different SEO rankings in bar . This is specially used for checking the domain authority of the blog, it is developed by SEOmoz . The Mozbar shown on the top of the site helps you see domain authority , Facebook , twitter , Google+ engagements of the blog . Mozbar icon displayed at top right corner higlights the domain authority of the blog whichever you visit. This helps you know the domain authorities of different blogs .


The above mentioned chrome extensions will suffice your need to look SEO aspects of any blog. There are many other tools ( extensions) are also available but these are the most useful which can handle and suggest you any type of query and these are in less number which can be displayed easily at top right corner ,also by installing so many extensions your browser is going to become slow . So be smart try using only few  extensions with many uses. Moreover these are available for free . When you use these tools once then you come to know how great they are. I hope you find this article helpful . Leave your comments if you have used above tools or if you want to suggest any other much helpful than this.

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