Today most of us knows what Internet and Google is. Everybody from KG to PG are using internet for different purposes. And everybody are familiar with websites and what a website is? When you are using Google for searching something, answer to your query is provided by a list of websites. Then by visiting any of the links you get your answer. 
Did you ever thought of providing such answers to others i.e., starting a blog or a website. To start a blog we need an address to your blog that is the Domain name or Website name. In the last two years buying of domain name (registering one) has tremendously increased. Here I tell you an easy trick to buy a .com from leading website name registrars like Godaddy, Bigrock etc. without any separate coupon code.
  • The first step is to disable adBlock or any such browser extensions which block ads on your browser.
  • Now Open Google homepage
  • And search for .com domain at Rs 99 or 99 cents.
e.g., let us search “ domain at 99 godaddy .com” (without quotes ) 
  • Now you observe google ads offering .com domains for 99 at various registrars. Now its your choice to select your website name registrar.(some time you may not find the website name registrar ad which you want then go for searching with some other keywords )
  • Godaddy and Bigrock are the best registrars and everything would be fine with these registrars. You can also choose other than these registrars  if  you are aware of those registrars. (Observe whether it is google ad or just a search result link, only go for the ADS).
  • Big rock offers 2 free Emails along with website name at ₹99 , and Godaddy just offers a website name.
 To make your work easier without searching for any ads on google, here I’m providing you a direct links below  by visiting them you can get the domain at only 99 rupees.

Click here to register domain at Godadday for only ₹ 99

Click here to register domain at Big Rock only for ₹ 99

» Now the next step is to register the domain name at ₹99 / 99 cents.

How to register a domain name at Rs 99 in Godaddy ?

Now after clicking the above links, wait for sometime so that you are taken to the coupon applied domain registration page may be GoDaddy or Big rock depending on your choice. Then you are presented with the below GoDaddy page.

In the search box enter the domain name which you want to register, see that the name has not yet registered. If you find that name has already registered then go back and search again for the other name.


Now a pop up appears saying that your domain name is available. Click the add button which you find beside your domain name and then click continue to cart.

Then you will be taken to the Order window, there select your domain period (term) as one year so that you can have your website name at only ₹ 99 for one year or if you want more than one year then go for your choice but only first year would of ₹.99 and from second year onward it would be usual cost around ₹600 + or ($10+).
Now click “ Proceed to checkout”  button.
Next a window appears to login into the account, if you don’t have one you can sign up and login then and there only.
Next fill the form with all your details and choose your payment mode and complete the transaction. And check your registered mail for the details of your registration.
In this way you can register a website name at cheap cost at Godaddy.
If you want to register a website name at Big Rock for ₹99 or $.99 then follow the same procedure by going to the link given in the beginning of this article.
This method of going for google ads even works for online shopping at low costs and many other buying and selling of products.
I hope this method is very clear of how to register a domain name at Rs 99 from famous registrars like Godaddy and Big rock. 
If you have any doubts, feel free to comment.

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  1. Godaddy is always my fav. Hosting providers. All my sites/blogs with GoDaddy windows sharing hosting. Godaddy offering 99rs and last month I have started a new affiliate blog and got a big discount. It’s not only cheap, the quality of the service, customer support, and 99% uptime guarantee.

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