Generally everybody will be interested in reading facts depending on their choice of subject. Today we have got here a list of 6 quite interesting and amusing facts which probably you might not know. These are the more general ones not confined to one subject or one category. You can really find them very interesting.
Let’s start here.

Interesting and Amazing facts to know

1. Bill Gates has given away total of $30 Billions to the charities – Tweet 


Bill Gates an American businessman, philanthropist, inventor and founder of Microsoft and who is the present(2015) richest man in the world with $79.2 Billions. The very interesting thing about him is that he has given away a huge amount of $30 Billions till now in his life(may be more in near future) to various charities through Bill and Melinda gates foundation. A person with that amount of money can stand in the top 20 list of the world’s richest people. Even though he is the current richest man in the world. From 1987 to till now he has been the richest for 16 times out of 21. Gates has also provided personal donation of $20 millions to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for construction of computer laboratory. There is an adage that when knowledge is shared it gets doubled and when money is stored it gets doubled. But Bill Gates proves that when money is also shared rather stashing, it gets doubled. So people who help others will always get benefited in one or the other ways.

2. Flush or Fine in Singapore – Tweet


Yes in Singapore cleanliness is the most important one. People cannot use the public property as they want or they can. There are few strict rules in Singapore to ensure everything would be clean and neat. And among those strict rules “Fine for not flushing toilet ” is one. There would be random check ups by the police officers to confirm everything is maintained neat and clean. If a person is found to be not flushed the toilet then he/she will be fined in hundreds of dollars. Besides these flushing there are also some other strict rules for which the defiers have to pay in large amounts of fine. Even selling Chewing gums, hugging in public, using free unsecured WiFi, littering etc all these have severe fines, if not obeyed severe punishments. If every country puts such type of restrictions, then in no time we can see our planet with clean and green environment.

3.”Didaskaleinophobia” fear of going to school – Tweet 


We all might know different types of phobias. Fear of having a phobia is also a phobia named Phobophobia. There are like many a number of phobias around the world among the people and still taking birth due to different psychological disorders of people. “Didaskaleinophobia” the fear of going to school is something a very different one where one cannot expect it to be a phobia. But it has great impact on children who go to school. They can feel very isolated, scared, sad, depressed, and physically ill when they are asked to go to school. This phobia can also be seen in teenagers.

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4. There is an option in Facebook to manage your account after your demise – Tweet


Actually when a Facebook user meets his doom, his family members can ask his account to be memorialized or it gets frozen. But recently, in the beginning of 2015 Facebook has announced that people can set their nominee who can manage their Facebook account after the demise of the actual FB user. The family member or the nominee who has been chosen by the Facebook user before the demise can actually post stuff, comment in the name of the deceased but cannot delete or modify anything which was posted by the actual user. The limits of the Facebook nominee can be set by the actual user before he dies. And as of now this feature is available to the US citizen and other few countries as “legacy contact” which can be found in settings>security. By visiting to those settings anyone who wants other people to take care of their FB account after their demise can be set.

5. Which is first, Chicken or EGG ? – Tweet


Most of us might have heard this question. We generally consider it a tricky question and feel answer as both chicken sometimes and egg some other times. But the actual answer was found by the researchers at Sheffield and Warwick universities.The scientists found that a protein ovocledidin-17 found only in a chicken’s ovaries is necessary for the formation of the egg. The egg can therefore only exist if it has been created inside a chicken. So thus saying chicken as first to the mostly asked tricky question from a long ago. Now you can answer and explain about chicken or egg first question to your friends scientifically.

6. Iran men can marry their adopted daughters – Tweet


This is something a weird law found in Iran. Men who has adopted girls as their daughters can be married from the age of 13. The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani was put forward this law which was approved by the Iranian members of parliament and maintains that girls can marry with the permission of their father at the age of 13 and young boys at the age of 15. There had been many controversies over this law. Many have warned it as legalizing pedophilia. But still it exists.

That’s the list of 6 interesting facts for you.If you like them then share it with your near and dear ones. If you know any such very interesting facts you can share them with us through comment box. Looking forward to hear from you…

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  4. These are really interesting facts mate,
    I was really thrilled about the Facebook having someone to manage your account after your demise, thats really a no brainier and I’ve never noticed that feature before.

    As for Bill Gate, he is really a philanthropist and i pray that he should be rewarded by God for being there for others. If only other wealthy people will be assisting the less privileged like him, the world will become a better place to be.

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